On November 30, 2017, the Florida Department of Corrections housed 96,639 inmates in its 148 correctional facilities and supervised 167,141 offenders as part of its community supervision programs throughout the state. Most Florida inmates must serve a minimum of 85% of their sentences before they are released.  Inmates released in November 2017, served an average of 86% of their sentences.

Within 3 years of release, 49.7% of inmates either had an arrest that resulted in a conviction with a disposition of a prison sentence or was returned to prison without a new conviction because they violated a technical condition of their release, as did 55.1% of inmates within 5 years of release.



According to the department, at least 95% of Florida’s prison population will at some point return to the community. Although substance abuse treatment, education and job skills may enhance the offender’s likelihood of a successful release, probably most important is for released offenders to have someone who will give them guidance and support when they are released.  For this reason, families can be a valuable community resource for assisting in an offender’s successful reentry into the free world. In fact, research has shown that having a family to return to is one of the most important factors in a released inmate’s success. Although family and community contacts can play a very important role in helping released offenders avoid returning to prison, the report shows that the state has neglected this valuable resource and has in the last few years erected many impediments for families who strive to maintain meaningful contact.

We like to change that from personal experience and the cry of many in prisoned we know that due to, the stress of the daily life. A lot of Prisoners  due there time alone waiting on a Card, Letter, or Pictures from Friends or Families. We like to facilitate the Community  by assisting you with keeping in contact with Loved One's incarcerated   throughout the state of Florida.

Now there incorporating the Tablet, Email Service and Video Chat, which is a great service, eventually our loved one’s won’t be allowed to receive visits or to receive mail that we have written. Multiple Studies' have shown that for prisoner’s, maintaining Contact with loved ones and the outside world drastically reduces recidivism. We look forward to reuniting family, friends & loved ones by making communicating with Prisoners easier. What we do is strictly for the empowerment of those incarcerated by way of solid communication & growth. Flyguyphotoshop is in Association with Rehabilitation Through Christ Prison Ministry. ​



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