The idea of Flyguy Photoshop came to me while I was incarcerated in May of 2017. I was placed in confinement for 45 days and while there I did a lot of thinking about what I can do to make this place better. I also knew that the good Lord was going to bless me with another opportunity to live life as a free man again and I knew that when that blessing was granted that my old lifestyle was not an option. My case was in the appellate process and I knew it would be a few years before I would be back in court and I had so many visions and ideas running through my head I felt that I needed to act on this now instead of waiting until I was free. So I prayed to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and I asked him to please show me the way. Claudeth and I have been good friends for at least 2 years before I was arrested in October of 2001 and she has been one of my most loyal companions during my time in. We kept in contact from day one through correspondence and visitations whenever she could make the trip. During our visits she started to see things from a different perspective and seeing the real struggles of the men and their families. So, when I ran my ideas by her, we hit it off well and there our partnership was born. With the jpay system being implemented we felt that though it was convenient it was taking away a very important connection between the Prisoner's and their loved ones that comes with having your name called at mail call & receiving a letter or a card from your loved ones. So, we decided that we should start out as a mailing service that could print and photoshop photos. As time took its course, we began to implement more ideas like the “fallen soldiers” blog which we implemented to give the prisoners a voice so that the world could hear their side of the story. Soon we will be implementing many more services that are truly needed such as paralegal services, Pro bono attorney search, Power of attorney services etc.… These things are some of the most important things that are needed by these men and women because I know the struggles firsthand. After serving over 25 years in the system off and on I am fully equipped and very much prepared to know what it takes to make life better for the men and women caught up in this mass incarceration in this country. Our primary goal at flyguy is to be that global voice & provider that can fulfill these needs for those men & women, not only in this country but around the world!


My name is Anthony Smith and I was sentenced to 40 years in state prison. After serving 18 years I was granted releif by the Third Distirct Court of Appeals to a de novo resentencing hearing. At resentencing the Honorable Judge Veronica Diaz felt that I was a changed man and gave me another chance at freedom. I thank God for the favor that He gave me, and I will use this second chance to help empower other's in the struggle and help build a platform to those who are still fighting for their freedom everyday in this unjust system because I know how bad they  need it .. FREED THE HARD WAY ! And never forgetting where I came from.


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As of Today , the Florida Department of Corrections housed 95,000 Prisoners in its 148 prisons and another supervised 115,141 offenders as part of its community supervision programs throughout the state. Most Florida Prisoner's must serve a minimum of 85% of their sentences before they are released.  Prisoner's released in November 2017, served an average of 86% of their sentences.Within 3 years of release, 49.7% of inmates either had an arrest that resulted in a conviction with a disposition of a prison sentence or was returned to prison without a new conviction because they violated a technical condition of their release, as did 55.1% of Prisoner's within 5 years of release.

We like to change that from personal experience and the cry of many in prisoned,  we know that due to the stress of the daily life, A lot of Prisoners  due there time alone waiting on a Card, Letter, or Pictures from Friends or Families. We like to facilitate the Community  by assisting you with keeping in contact with Loved One's incarcerated   throughout the state of Florida.

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