A Farewell to Kobe Bryant! By Anthwan Ragan




I’ll never forget that day, it was January 26, 2020 and I was at Jackson C.I. watching the Pro Bowl, Lamar Jackson had just thrown a Red Zone Interception when breaking news came across the Screen: KOBE BRYANT has just died in a Helicopter Crash. At first it was like “Disbelief, But I Announced it to my Fellow Prisoner’s … Hey man, Kobe Bryant has just Died, Kobe Bryant has just died! My fellow Prisoner’s wanted to jump on me for lying or playing, But I told them that’s what these Cracker’s talking about and they say a special report is coming up… SO WE WAITED. The Special Report Came and Confirmed it. As Fans and Human beings our feelings was … INEFFABLE!!! But me as a Brother, A BLACK MAMBAAND A COMRADE I WAS LIKE DAM! ANOTHER BLACK MAN SILENCED IN AMERICA. ANOTHER BLACK LEADER TAKEN FROM US.

Dear, Kobe,

It does not even sound Right to be saying no shit like Rest in Peace Kobe. so, I will not. We know that Legendary Saints and Unsung Heroes of the Black Struggle do not die but live forever. Therefore, I salute you infinitely by saying “Long Live Kobe, Long Live Kobe! I close by saying I have been in Prison 25 years and all of Kobe 20-year career. As a Fan and a convict following Sports is how I do time. Kobe, I been keeping up with you since High School, watching your pursuit of excellence or Michael Jordan, watching you hit last second shots a’la Black Mamba, debating about you and betting on you has been a pleasure. Where has all the gone.

Long Live, Kobe

Anthawn Ragan #957052

Jackson C.I

5563 10th Street Malone, Florida 32445-3144

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