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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

My name is Shawn Lowman Sr aka Low. I am a prisoner in the state of Florida currently serving a life sentence, and this is my story.

In 2003 I was picked up by the Tampa police department for 3 counts of armed robbery. on august 29, 2004 I was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to serve the remaining of my Life in prison. I am 37 yrs. old now and been incarcerated now for 15 yrs. now I have 2 children, an 18-year-old son and a beautiful 16 yr. old daughter (Shawn Lowman Jr and Shawn'quavia Lowman). My two kids have also blessed me with 2 beautiful grandchildren. I haven't seen my kids since I have been in prison. My son is also in prison serving a youthful offender sentence of 6 yrs., with the possibilities of getting out in 4 yrs. His first felony on his record and he gets prison, now that's justice for our children. no programs to help rehabilitate him back to society. He was a very south after football prospect, now he doesn't get the chance to pursue his dream of playing for the NFL.

My religion of preference s Islam. I've been a Muslim for 6 yrs. of the 15 yrs. I've been in prison, A few years before I was introduced to Islam. I was going through it bad in here stressed missing my family. I am not going to lie there was time I was wishing I die. I needed some guidance in my life, I need it something I could hold on to something to call my own. I need it peace in my life and I found that and more in Islam, I recommend that if a person feel like I have and more to read up on Islam. My son has also converted into being a Muslim al-humduallah (all praise to Allah). Between the verbal abuse from these correctional officers, who don't have nothing positive going on in their boring lives, so they take it out on us inmates. And the mood swings and hoe ass ways of other inmates, you really need to find something to hold onto in your life to keep you from hurting someone.

I was found guilty of my crime with the help and testimony of my confidant Cornell Tabiuas Lewis who’s is also serving a life sentence. who I'm putting on blast because he did not respect the code of the street "STOP SNITCHING '. Bru I just want to ask you one thing. WHY? I never done nothing sour to you, I was there for you from day one. You didn't even get a deal, you did it all from your own free will DAMN.

In prison you are assigned jobs, I currently work in the library as a law clerk assisting inmates with their journey on trying to appeal their sentence. Let me tell you how crooked the Justice system is, you only get 2 yr. time frame to have your 3.850 Postconviction motion. This Motion is one of not too many motions you have, to try and give your time back. Can you Imagine that? Inmates, illiterate to the law trying to cram in 20 yrs. of experience. What most of these men & woman defending the State of Florida have under their belt, degrees in law. Those are the people we must fight to get our freedom back. That's like someone with no training in martial arts trying to fight Bruce lee. We don't stand a chance.

Either you must learn it yourself or trust an inmate who only has learned himself through trial and error. In 3.850 motion, grounds that most inmates argue are ineffective assistance of course. Attacking your trail counsel, to even get a chance to get back in court under this you have two prongs that you must prove.

1. The defendant must show that the counsel performance was deficient.

this requires showing that the counsel was not functioning as the 'counsel '

guarantee the defendant by the sixth amendment.

2. The defendant must show that the deficient performance prejudiced the defense.

This requires showing that counsel's error was so serious as to deprive the defendant of a fair trial a trial whose result is reliable.

PLIES said it best ' IF YOU DOIN'T HAVE A LAWYER YOU DON'T GO TO TRIAL ' And some of them will help railroad you to and sell to the state to get better deals for their other clients with lesser accused crimes. that's also in that certain courtroom just ask JAMES MANCUSO my attorney that help railroad me.

Now that I have been given the opportunity to share my story, I like to thank a couple of, First and foremost I like to thank Allah The Most Kind and Merciful. Next I like to thank my parents John & Marion Lowman I love you both to death and is not your fault that I choose this life. To my sister Nybie Lowman my sister you are an angel walking this earth I Love you. To my seeds Shawn and Shawn'Quavia I'm sorry that we we're dealt this unjustly life I love you all forever. Shawn keep your head up. Now to my dawg B-BOY you are the real deal man I will never meet someone like you. BIG SHOUT OUTS TO FLYGUYPHOTOSHOP! forgiving me a chance to let the World hear my story. A to the world a brother is lonely in hear ladies get @ me. I'm a very mature man Shawn Lowman #T12765 at Hamilton Correctional Ins 10650 s.w. 46th street Jasper ,FL 32052. Don't be shy you might be missing out on your future husband. I don't discriminate I take any shape size and color as long as is a woman. also shout out to Antrevis Smith aka Tre Plus, Maine 2-4, my dawg Sly, Rod, all the Muslims in the world.

Also I’m currently writing a Urban Novel, so be on the lookout Loyalty 2 the streets under my Muslim name Kareem, I'm out ...


Shawn Lowman #T12765

Cross C.I.

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