Updated: Dec 18, 2020

First of all the Judge gave me enough time to blow the average man's mind .Three 99 years sentence to be done consecutively .My knees got weak and I need a fan but stood there smiling and took it like a man. Before I left home I sat on my throne , I thought if I make it back my kids will be grown, A woman is only human and can wait for so long when a man is gone it destroys his home . On the way to prison it rain the whole ride long , I dont get any sun I'm growing pale my eyesight is almost gone .The inmates here are over sick , and everyone is slick . So if you come to prison and don't want to fall , you better sleep with one eye open and your back to the wall .


Initial Receipt date :09/16/1969

Current Release date : Sentenced to life

Reception& Medical Center

(FLYGUYPHOTOSHOP Thank you for you Get well Card it was a surprise I hardly ever receive mail , so when I saw it in my bars the first thing I thought was the officer has given me someone else's mail , but then I saw my name ..)

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