A Piece of Mind! Author: Walter Atwell

A Piece of Mind

Author: Walter Atwell

What is agony to a descendent,

Of the once enslaved African People.

A people subjected to inhumanity, abomination,

Destitution treated today to its sequel.

The answer my brother is in the adaptability,

Facilitation & consolation in the person mind.

The progress shown presently orotates the ability.

Of the African American to economically entwine.

It sounds like a Plush Healthy Feat,

Because the African race was already incline.

Not only to cast their lot, but to unroot their feet,

From dumb & deaf, to intelligent & blind.

Four hundred years have passed but still,

I feel the cracking of the whip.

I shed the tears of a soul hungry to be filled,

My steps are like those fresh from the slave ship.

Outside of prison I would not claim freedom

I hear the echo’s’ free at last “and shiver.

Wondering when the light will down to free them,

Who hear me speak& fear the truth I deliver?

The writer is incarcerated & can be Contact at:

Walter Atwell # 770996

Columbia C.I.

253 S.E. Corrections way

Lake City, Fl 32025

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