A Plead for Forgiveness !

Hi Hello, well First I hope all yawl doing very well, when yawl read this story. My name is Jose Andrews and I’m in Prison right now because of Robbing someone for food ,But I hurt them bad anyway, I am doing 30 years for this mistake I made I was too young to know what I was doing, I was on drugs but now I have learned my lesson .God has come to my Life, let me tell you something about my past well I born and raised in Honduras I wasn’t Raised with my parents, by the time I was 6 months old my mom had abandoned me and my father he in return took me to someone house so they could take care of me, her name was Margarita. Margarita was older and she took care of me as mush as she could being that I was a bad kid and we was living with another family she wasn’t able to take care of me too long .the owner of the home we was living with kicked me out at 8 years old, I ran the streets by 15 years of age I ran into my dad and he was getting old and explained to me he had family here in the United States. They tried to help me my family but I was young and didn’t listen to them I kept getting in trouble and going to jail and they too, kicked me out after my travels I ended in Florida I was hungry and I tried to take food from someone but he tried to fight me and pulled out a knife so I took that knife and hurt them with it .I was a scared little kid, I have been in prison 13 years already and have learned my lesson . If I could meet the man, I hurt I would apologize to him because he did not deserve that. This situation Happened in the City of Titusville, Brevard county Florida. I do not think I can share his name in my story but if they ever get to read this story, I pray they know I have changed my life and Pray they can forgive me. I am at Peace that God has forgiven me and I pray that if they haven’t forgiven me yet that God will touch their hearts to do so ..

Thank you for Sharing my Story

Jose Andrews dc#E35465

Santa Rosa C.I.

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