A Prisoner's Memoir! by: Kevin Prater.

Per State of Florida B.S. Injustice system ..anyone who is sent to State Prison FDOC is entitled to release after serving 85% of there as long as (A) He or She was not given mandatory time. (B) you must have all your Gain time. (C) As long as she or him doesn’t have a life sentence. It’s known as being released early on Good behavior. The Loop whole that people don’t get to see is that you never really release on 85% but %100 once release early they give you CRD which is known as Probation any game time left on your sentence is given to you on probation . This shows how Crooked & Corrupt the Florida Justice System is, when anyone is sent to Prison by a Judge and that Judge DID NOT give that Person any form of controlled Release Supervision or Probation after their release. “THEY STILL HAVE CRD TO DO, IF THEY WHERE RELEASED ON GAIN TIME & THEY VIOLATE THEIR CRD THEY GO BACK TO PRISON “. So, when you think about it they are being Re-Charged and sent back to prison on a crime they already served time for and got on .Sad , Sad, Sad, Shame on Florida’s Injustice System , Court’s , Judges , SA’s Governor , State Attorney General, & State Rep’s .

In the U.S. there is a Law known as The Child Labor -Law , Now to prove how very crooked and corrupted the system is in Florida – kids under 18 in state prison have to work free of charge , that is slavery regardless of the crime committed. When you look at it The Judges, SA’s, Governor’s, State Attorney General, & Law Makers are all letting the F.D.O.C violate the Law’s Slavery & Child Labor Laws.

GTL is a Telephone Communication Center they run most of the Prison telephone system in Jails, & Prisons once you got t Prison from Jail your family have to Prepaid them again to receive calls from you. in the jails there charged .14 cents a minute and .34 cents tax you pay $4.54 for a 30-minute call. so, when you pay $20, they charge you $5.00 for you to be able to get $15 on your phone line.

Kevin Prater #M14073

Charlotte Correctional Institution (Male) 33123 Oil Well Road Punta Gorda, Florida 33955-9701

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