Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Life is like a moving picture you determine your destiny and where it takes you . We all wanted a gracious life as young adults and advance to become someone special in the near future . Our black community is caught in the hype that the government feed us , As the black African American race we have to see beyond the lies and focus on the facts . It's crazy how black people are blind to what is going on in this world , we have to get acquaint with one another build a foundation and build each other up so that we can protect Our communities aswell as our identity. In life there are many trials and tribulations in a males life , the biggest one is being a man and becoming a role model to his offspring's. Being a provider and a back bone for his family is a challenge now a days , being a black man come with it's challenges we encounter a lot of obstacles . One of our biggest is the law , which is design to stagnate our growth , and is not just the prison system . it's also , the willie lynch theory slave mentality that has been embedded in so many of our black male's period . Also the highly held opinion of the white man , Second is the objective of over coming the appeal of the streets , which has kept us captive to the prison system which serve's two purposes and leaves a broken cycle and a extra weight on the female to play both roles of the house . There purpose is to destroy the black or brown flesh , our race looks in the biblical story of the Egyptian pharaoh , it's been know that the best way to destroy the flesh is to demolish the male race . The prison system also serves to ruin us professionally and financially , which keeps us at the bottom of society, the ultima struggles come from within ourselves . Who's going to break the cycle of ignorance ? whos is going to break the cycle of poverty ?Who is man enough to step away from the self destructive ideology and become a significant member in society . Let it be you !!!!

By: Cedrial Johnson

Current Release date :06/06/2033

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