Beware Of Roofer's Miami , Fl !!

Updated: Jan 31

I wanted to Share My mom Experience with a Roofing Company Called Springer Roofing In Miami, fl . I will not be displaying My mother’s name because she is ashamed of what happened to her! My mother got her Roof done with Springer Roofing in 2018 through the Ygrene Loan Company. Springer Roofing did a great job with the Roof the initial Roof cost was for $27,365 during the Process of her roof being done he explained to my mom that she need extra wood and she told him she didn’t have any money ,he went ahead and called Ygreen and got an extra $4000 so his payment for her roof was $31,365.not to long after that my mom got a letter from his supplier John Abell Inc. stating she owed him $1351 for wood supplies. Every time she called ygreen they explained to her they paid for the wood, and they did, because she never had a contract with John Abell, she did not know who he was. she later got a letter to go to court John Abell Had put a lean on the property for lack of payment of construction materials which in the state of Florida can cause a foreclosure on your home. My mom has lived at her home 26 years and she has had leans on her property before not knowing that when you don’t pay materials for construction on your home it can cause a foreclosure she didn’t pay attention , because when she called ygreen again and they explained that the materials where paid to Springer Roofing ! to make a Long story short My mother lost her home in 10/2020 after almost a 2 year fight with the Judge and lawyers .Springer roofing got paid by Ygreene $31,365 for my mother roof , we had to pay them $7,000 and then John Abell the judge awarded him about $10,000 for this issue ..Judge Pedro Echarte never even looked at our case we explained the material was paid, by ygrene we didn’t owe him the Judge didn’t even look up to see our faces , he said he made his case and it was it and order my mom out the home in the middle of a pandemic ! Thank God my mom had a mgt on the Home and because of that the Bank is investigating, also I reported Springer Roofing lawyer to the Florida Law Bar and he is under investigation , I let Ygrene Know that they need a Fraud department and sent them all the information regarding what Springer Roofing did to my mom and I have read reviews that he usually always comes back and states that people owe them money that they don’t and hide behinds his Lawyers .. I don’t know if my mom was targeted because she is old ..but a lot of people that are elderly are losing their homes after getting their roof’s done because of thieves like this . Springer Roofing Authorized John Abell inc, to put a lean on my property for Wood that he got paid for and pocketed. I did file a complaint with The Florida Bar against his Lawyer Garcia-Menocal which based on the evidence that was supplied to them by us they found Five violations His lawyers Defense was that the $7067 that was charged to my mother by his office was for 1700 square footage of roofing , meaning my Mom house was 2500 square foot , Springer Roofing Charged Ygreen for 3200 square footage He with his lawyer explained to me it was just in case they need extra materials . so this mean my mom was charged for $47,000 for 5200 square footage of roof that she didn't have because her home is only 2500 square footage .. The Florida bar after the investigation didn't go in our favor but the truth is in the forms ..and now we are waiting on the DBPR to come up with their investigation for Springer Roofing the crazy thing is once the investigators speak to Springer Roofing and his Lawyer they question the facts that are in their hands, But the Home mgt is still under my mom name the Judge Ruled on selling the dead on the property and now the property deed has been sold 2 times with both sellers asking my mom if she can sell them the mgt because no bank will give them the amount of the loan to purchase the home ..

I have attached some forms to show that we are telling the truth. Also, this story does not discredit Ygrene in any shape or form, is to bring about the abuse that some of these roofers are putting people through. Ygrene is just a loan company that help people keep their home up to date.

Thank You and Please Beware of Roofer’s Especially Springer Roofing

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