C.I. Failure to Protect Prisoner's !

failure to protect. lawsuits. (1)on Friday January 31,2020 I was attack by the (mental health inmate. )that was housed in hotel dorm cell 3205 wing-3 that just hit me in my /over my left e ye and split it open . (2)the cut required (5)to(7)stitches which the doctor wanted to check on February Monday 3,2020. (3)and the stiches is suppose to be removed on February wednesday5,2020. (4)these inmates with mental health problems are being thrown in population with none mental health inmates. (5)this inmate had to be restrained on several occasion by the dorm Sgt.for (strange.,bizarre, derange, paranoia, sico-psychotic ,bipolar disorder)habit and behavior. (6)(the only thing the staff kept asking was who signed this inmate out of c.s.u., that he should not have been released out of the c.s.u. (7)whenever inmates are released from the mental health unit they endanger all inmates who don't have documented cases of mental health issues. (8)the prison, and mental health staff release this inmate into general population, knowing he was not taking his medications ,he was unstable ,and a endangerment to all inmates. (9)the prison and mental health staff failed to take corrective or preventive action by keeping this inmate "(mental health inmate in c.s.u. or t.c.u.) (10)because of the institution and mental health dept.failure to protect Frazier from this mental health inmate (strange bizzar , derange, paranoia, sico-psychot, bipolar disorder)habits and behavior. (11)Frazier skin over his left eye was busted open by this inmate. Frazier had massive blood coming from this gash over his eye . Frazier had to be given (5) to(7) stitches to close the gash over his left eye. (12)its evident this inmate should have never been release from the t.c.u. or c.s.u.the staff in the dorm, the staff in the mental health unit all knew this inmate was a (tricking time bomb) several times they lock him up in mental health and they kept letting him out ,even when thy should not let him out. (13)this inmate should have been left in the mental health unit "(c.s.u. or t.c.u.)"because he was unstable, and self-destructive whenever he was put around other "(normal, sane,)"inmates in the general population . (14)captain MCcloud took (pitchers)of the gash over my left eye split open and bleeding. with her cell phone. this inmate is do to be release from prison in (8) days. (15)tell them you want the following: dc6-209 housing unit log dc6-210 incident report. dc4-701 emergency room record. dc4-708 diagram of injury. dc4-529 staff request/referral. dc4-701chronological record of health care. dc6-112 witness statement of police. (16)they let me go back to the dorm ,took him to c.s.u.or t.c.u. the same day. contact :the(f.d.o.c.)inspector general fla.dept.of law enforcement. Tell them the following : you all want a investigation. you all want copy's of the report list in number(15). (17)contact the (legal organizations)I gave you and just ask for a(free consultation and what should or could be done). (18)tell them you want me to file grievances on this situation. (19)googol these addresses phone number or get they e-mail address and send them this number(17). (20)fla. justice institute 100 s.e.second st. ste. 3750 miami ,fla. 33131

fla . institutional legal service 14260 w.newberry rd#412 newberry,fla. 32669


Kelvin Frazier #099699

Dade Correctional Institution (Male) 19000 S. W. 377th Street Florida City, Florida 33034-6409

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