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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Born March 19, 1974, to immigrant parents, who migrated from the Island of Jamaica, Christopher experienced poverty throughout his adolescent years. Born in South Florida, he was raised within the tri-county area of Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. He was forced to be moved around after his loving father passes away when Christopher was only nine years old. Throughout his early teenage years, he witnessed his mother struggle as a single parent providing for him, and his four siblings; who also lived with their mother at the time. At the age of thirteen, he discovered he had a talent writing rap songs and poetry, but he had no way of displaying his gift of writing. Although his mother did her best in providing a roof over his head, food on the table, and clothes on his back; Christopher fell victim to the peer pressure. The same peer pressure that many inner-city African-American children experience. On the night of December 08, 1998, while deliver drugs to a customer, he was apprehended by the police; who was surveying the area in search of a young black male suspect. He had no prior criminal history of armed robbery, yet he was apprehended and falsely accused. The armed robbery took place ten blocks away from the place of his arrest. Being a young black male in a predominately white neighborhood raised suspicion with the officers and resulted in him being marked as a suspect. Throughout the judicial process, it was discovered that the description of the perpetrator did not match his. After three months of sitting in the county jail, the armed robbery case was dismissed. However, in the process, the state charged him with two additional armed robberies that occurred three months prior to his arrest. He was not a suspect in those unsolved robberies at any point, and there wasn’t any evidence connecting him to committing those robberies. The state was allowed to use testimony from the robbery charge that was dismissed only to paint an unfavorable picture of him to the jury. Those testimonies consist of the parties who purchased drugs on 12/08/1998 from him. When he was arrested, he was in the apartment of the witnesses. They testified against him in exchange for not receiving a probation violation. No fingerprints were found on the gun to prove it belongs to him, nor was it ever in his possession. The state wanted to build a case against him and used a gun that belonged to the customer. It was found in the apartment of the people was selling drugs to. They said that the gun was the weapon used in the unsolved robberies, and the witnesses testified that he brought the gun with him when he dropped off the drugs. These were clearly illegal tactics used by the state to secure a conviction. Irrelevant testimony from a case that had been dismissed should have never been allowed in the trial of the unsolved robberies. Robberies that he was now being charged for committing. The truth of the matter is the state did not have a solid case. Ultimately, they mixed and matched false evidence including the gun that didn’t belong to him to build a false case and paint a false picture of him to the jurors. Christopher was convicted and sentenced to life in prison as a result of these underhanded tactics performed by the Assistant State Attorney of Broward County. During his time in the Florida Department of Corrections, he has made many accomplishments receiving his high school diploma, as well as completing several other courses. During his time at a private facility, he became heavily involved in the music program. While at this facility he performed in several talent shows, and was given clearance to perform and record a video for his song “Black Waterfalls”. He has written several songs in different genres such as rap gospel, and reggae, he has also written several novels as well. With education and vision, a second chance would serve him well. Although, serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, he awakes every day with hopes of having his case heard in court. He was denied an appeal because it was filed too late. A close review of his case will prevent a “Manifest Injustice” as in cases such as Baker vs. State 878 so.2d1236 (2004), and McKay vs. State 988 so 2d 51(fla 3rd dca 2009). After being incarcerated for twenty years, his hopes are still unbroken, and he continues to make effort to prove his innocents. His worse fear is that his 83-year-old mother would pass away while he is still incarcerated. His desire is to be released, and make his family proud of him, as well as making a difference in the lives of inner-city children, by visiting detention centers across the state and sharing his testimony.

Christopher Corinthian #769194

Mayo C.I

Current Release date: LIFE


Christopher is in the process of filing for clemency,and would like for all those who feel he deserves another chance to be a free man to sign this petition requesting for his release.This petition will be presented to the governor for his consideration."All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" therefore,Christopher deserves another chance to be a free man and to be amongst his family and loved ones.He has made an effort to change for the better by accomplishing his G.E.D. while there in prison as well as helped others to achieve that same goal.Although his situation seemed hopeless,he somehow found a way to gain the focus needed to accomplish productive achievements under the circumstances.Christopher has been incarcerated since 1999 and hasn't murdered anyone he's incarcerated for "Arm Robbery",yet he is serving a life sentence truly,the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

We are Seeking Clemency for Christopher Corinthian for Over sentencing on His case .

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There are over a hundred thousand inmates within the Florida Department of Corrections, and a quarter of that population is more than likely serving time due to a wrongful conviction. Most of these inmates are minorities who are less fortunate and cannot afford adequate legal representation therefore, being left to the mercy of the court which in most cases shows no mercy, these inmates are shuffled through the penal system as live stock for this corporation known as D.O.C.(Department of Corrections)In the case at hand, Christopher Corinthian was sentenced to "Natural Life" in prison for an "Arm Robbery" that he was alleged to have committed. No one was documented as being physically harmed in this case, yet Mr. Corinthian was sentenced to "Natural Life" in prison which means he was sentenced to die a slow death in prison. Mr. Corinthian has thus far served 20 years in prison as well as exhausted all of his appellate remedies. Unfortunately, the blind eyes of justice continues to prevail. As someone who was alleged to have broken the law, Mr. Corinthian was held accountable and has paid his debt to society. As it has been mentioned, he has already served 20 years thus far. At some point, the judicial system has to be held accountable for issuing sentences where the punishment does not fit the crime. "Prison Reform" is needed desperately in order to fix this broken system. When there is more punishment than rehabilitation ,it breeds more rebellion and anger into our society.Prison is where society sends it's failures, but in this day and time, society itself is failing. Although Mr. Corinthian is serving a "Natural Life" sentence, he continues to take steps in bettering himself.During his incarceration, he has accomplished his G.E.D., completed Life Skills courses, Anger Management, Drug Prevention courses,as well as become a member of the "Gavel Club" which is in association with "Toastmaster's International "Instead of allowing himself to be bitter about his predicament, he chose to strive to be a better man and prepare himself for society if ever given the opportunity to re enter society. As mentioned, no one was physically harmed in the arm robbery case in which Mr. Corinthian was charged, convicted, and sentenced. Mr. Corinthian is now in his mid forties and truly desires to be given another opportunity to be free so that he can share his story of how he's changed his life and be a voice to the troubled youth around the country who are residing in juvenile detention centers nation wide. Mr. Corinthian, along with his family and loved ones are asking for the support of anyone who's in agreement that Mr. Corinthian deserves another opportunity at freedom by signing the available petition provided. Thank you and God bless you.

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