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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Hello World , my name is Christopher Jones #542824 , I am currently incarcerated in a Florida prison. Black water river correctional facility, 5914 jeff ates rd milton,fl 32583 . I'm in prison for fleeing and eluding. I received 17 years for this charge, yes you heard correctly, 17 years and nobody was injured or anything. I got more time then most rapist, child molesters, robbers, and murders. I had a private attorney, this situation occurred in lake city, I've been a resident of Lake City, FL my entire life, it's a small town but it's a nice place to live, it's limited on things to do though, you have to do what you can do to live. Some people say Lake City is racist, it has the good old boy system. I am not racist, I don't see the color of people, I treat people the way I want to be treated, I agree that racism does exist in life. Let me use an example that happened to me personally in lake city courtroom, the exact same charge I was charged with, a white guy Jefferey Ankoso case #17-781cf, court date October 18,2017 went in front of the judge before I did and they offered him 60 days in jail and 3 years probation, he turned down the plea offer. I went next, I was considering what they offered him I should have received time served since I already had a total of 665 days spent in jail on this charge. They only wanted him to do 60 days in jail time and I did 605 days more time done that they wanted him to do, that's 1 year and 8 months more that he would have to do. I ended up with 17 years at least I should have received time served with some probation, we actually both had the same attorney. This situation is a shame, my attorney did a piss pore job. I found out later from another client of his that he told them not to be talking to me on the phone, stated to them that the state attorney “likes you but hates Chris”. This is called official misconduct for the state's attorney and my lawyer to be discussing me in this manner, my attorney discussing me with anyone is not right. Where is the attorney and client confidentiality? both of these findings are a violation of my right to due process. After I was sentenced, nobody could believe this happened, I've had numerous attorneys say this is outrageous and how nobody agreed I should've received 17 years. They showed me all my attorney's ineffectiveness they assured me I can have this sentenced overturned. God is good all the time .
My daughter is going through a rough time with me not being there, her mother is some what out there, her other family members are not going to give my daughter her all, she needs her daddy. I've been through a lot in life good and bad, I've had a lenghty drug addiction (drug of choice was cocaine) i'm not proud of nothing I did while using drugs cause I know that's not who I am. My past is my past, I walk forward not backwards, I've been clean of using drugs for over 9 years. I still have made some mistakes since I stopped using, I’m human, I know that I'm a better person then I use to be, everyone that knows me will say “Chris is a good person” all my kids love me, I want the best for all kids. The attorney that I feel is the best having my sentence over turned is from Tampa, Fl she is excatly who I need, the problem is I need $7500 to hire her, I need every help I can get . My release date is 2032, all i want is to be there for my kids so we can have a better future. I'm reaching out to the world for my freedom. You can send me donations to my inmate account by calling this number 1-866-345-1886, my name is Christopher Jones #542824 blackwater river corrections 5419 jeff ates rd milton,fl 32583, also make sure that the transaction is verified with the company representative. Please write me your thoughts and prayers they are needed it, every word that I read in a letter will be heart felt .
p.s the worst thing about my situation is that after the judge pronounced the 17 year sentence, the attorney whispered “I knew they were going to do that” in my ear. I pray faithfully for God to deliver me from this John 14:1 let your heart not be troubled I stand on that, but it hurts knowing you where treated wrong by the system.
The attorney I think will work my case with justice is ,
Rachel E. Bushley Reece, Esquire
Bayshore Center
511 West Bay St. suite#330
Tampa,fl 33606 /office #813-228-6989

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