Close Management! (C.M.) by Donald Grant

Dear Flyguy

I wanted to share a situation with your audience about how easy we can get caught up in this Prison. Right now, I am stuck in C.M. Which is 24 hour lock down .I was sent here because someone got stab and almost died as a result of this incident , no evidence was ever presented of my guilt or my involvement .Not only was I not on Camera but the victim didn’t implicate me as a suspect , no where my name mentioned during the investigation .The only thing I’m guilty off is being on there system as a gang member, I’ll admit that much but I have not been active in almost 2 years and the STG coordinator knew this once I got to that institution . I informed him that I was no longer affiliated with the Latin Kings and I was placed under surveillance to see if I was truthful, at no time did I ever encounter any member of that organization before this incident. What it boils down to and I hope I don’t sound self-centered when I say this is that the male officers hated that I was getting attention from the female officers and they used this situation as an excuse to get me off the pond . I have had plenty of run ins with officers who threaten to plant a knife in my room, I am glad dude didn’t die or they would have planted the murder on me. I have sent a copy of the C.M. paper so you can read for your self what is being done and so you know the officers lost almost all my property when they packed up my stuff to transfer me to confinement . they lost family pictures and my mom which passed away, clothes and my legal paperwork obviously I feel it was done on purpose. while In confinement I started seeking God about why I was experiencing this and no lie I heard God tell me I don’t need that paperwork to hold on to my Faith .when I get a letter from the innocent project stating that they have not forgotten about my case and was waiting on transcripts to give them time to work on my case this gave me goosebumps ! It showed me that God is working on my behalf the devil stay busy trying to break us but when we pray God continues to bless us . Thank You Pray for me during this time in the C.M

Donald Grant #T50361

Florida State Prison

Post Office Box 800 Raiford, FL 32083

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