Darius My Story.

I landed at Jackson Correctional Institution I was only 19 yrs old, I really thought I would be ready for this New life I had to face” but I wasn’t! I was trying to live in here the same way I was living when I was in the streets, and I got into it with two correctional officer’s and they sent me to close management for almost 3 years. while I was there and inspector, and investigator came to see me ‘they asked me my side of the story and I told them, but they didn’t buy it. That day I knew the Lord had something in store for me, I had to believe and have faith something I didn’t have at the time. The inspector decided to not press charges which was a blessing to me, and I continued my time on close management. Upon my release from close management, I was sent to Gulf Corrections which was another violent institution. Once I was there I still was trying to fit in and I fell in love with a female correctional officer which is not allowed .People started hating so I got put under investigation for what someone told them .I got sent to Gulf annex where I learned how to gamble , poker , spades and skin I stayed there for a while. Then out of the blue I get transferred to a faith-based camp. I loved this camp it had programs and you had to go to church everyday then my good adjustment transfer kicked in, and I got sent to Putnam Corrections I was mad cause I liked being at Lawtey Corrections. Nothing but bad things happened when I got to Putnam C.I, Me and some dude got into it he even paid some dude to cut my neck, I had to get stiches on my neck it was 6 inches from my artery I was lucky .The Lord was sending me another sign, I didn’t even get a scar form the cut on my neck. A couple of weeks later I had a massive heart attack, I at 35 yrs. old almost died But God was with me .By the mercy of God a splint was placed in my heart and here I am alive to Praise God .It’s been a rough ride but it is almost over I was always fighting with me, my self, and I not anymore. I am blessed and thank God for believing in Me and not giving up on me. I want to thank you Mrs. B for allowing me to tell a little of my story I have my sister and my Grandmother Willie Mae Wilson she is 92 yrs. old keep her in your prayers.

Darius Wilson#E20161

Holmes Work Camp

Current Release date:03/2027

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