Updated: Jun 2, 2018

It's time for us as people to elevate expand and seek truth to break old habits and gain intelligence . to unlock the gift that's within us all , we are the original men who built this country that we are held captive to ! "Divide and conquer" , is the phrase often applied to black men . In the words of the great Tupac Shakur "An I still see no changes just races faces and misplaced hatred ." The misplaced hatred is amongst each other . so brain washed it's sickening . Before we help each other we will destroy each other , before we uplift , we put down and relinquish what really matter is achievement of wealth and upright mental standings. we waste way too much time hating on each other instead of seeking and sharing knowledge together , "let's conquer and get money together !" should be our mind frame not trying to find everyway to stop and destroy the next man's growth .we must learn to never hate the next man because hatred is a sickness , for one , to hate a person you must make that person the center of your attention which is energy wasted . Let's switch the style up and learn the white man drug game Stocks, Bonds and many more investment vehicles . turn your minds to knowledge & understanding it's the real key to life and all the riches it beholds . We are our own worst enemy just flip open your motion discovery and nine times out of ten your home boi is the one who pointed you out . so ignorance and childish mentalities are unacceptable to achieve .

By: Cedrial Johnson

Miami Dade County

release date :06/06/2033

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