Doyle Heard: Please Help With my Case!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

As a Fallen soldier, ‘Son of Peace” I ask to be Remembered in Prayer, as a witness, True Believer in each Word of God, The Florida Department of Corrections has been Altering, Doctoring and Changing My Release Date. March 2009, The Department of Corrections “Re-audited” My Release Date without Legal Authority to cause the date to reflect more time in Prison than the Sentencing Court (Judge) Intended, The Judge is DECEASED now. The Judge who currently Presides over the Decease Judge’s Division, Angela Cox Deny having any Authority in my case to order Release because I am not in the Territorial Jurisdiction (Duval County) of the court that Imposed the sentence in 1981.

Every Person, office, Organization, Group, Lawyer, Court & Government Official I contacted, Has Ignored the issue, “I AM BEING HEALD IN PRISON BEYOND MY COURT ORDERED RE-LEASE DATE”.

The Officials here in the Department Do not deny the fact that my release date has long since passed. The Secretary for the Department of Corrections, The Honorable Mark Inch will not accept calls from my only Surviving Relative My sister, Mrs. Lucy Parker.

The Classification Officer, who should advocate my Rights, says “The issue above (over) her day scale, Mrs. Carty’s. Mrs. Carty Records Reflect a Release date of 2030, which is incorrect, and that date baffled The Department ‘s mental Health Counselor and Doctor Goldberg, who stated, Her files Reflected 06/12/2012, Release Date and Dr.Goldberg said This was a first For her. She has never seen Two Conflicting Release dates on the same prisoner. She tried to check into the issue and stonewalled and could not get no definite answer. So, with this Perplexing, confusion and deception, I wake each morning with prayer and psalms. I know the Lord has heard my Prayer. I Pray that placing my story on this Blog fallen soldiers that it will bring some attention to my situation. I have completed my debt to society and even though I am not a victim I have become another number for Society system .. the system Has Failed me, Please Pray for my Deliverance.

Thank you,

Doyle Heard #079390

Suwanne C.I.

Written Letter Campaign for Freedom

This letter will collect emails for the sole purpose of sending you an email containing two file letters for you to print out on a date not yet selected. The purpose of this letter is to try to shine light on an individual that has already paid his debt to society. He has never claimed to be innocent. He humbly completed his full sentence AFTER he was denied early release with good behavior. His is 18 years over due, and prays that you will jump on board. I have had the pleasure to get to know this man, and I have to tell you, after reading his first letter to me, I was not able to stop crying for thirty minutes. He has one more sister left, and after that, if the courts ever release him, he has no one. He is 69 years old, and his sister is 70. Very good people. I plea to everyone that has read this far, to join MY PERSONAL EFFORT to submit your email to me. No one else will ever have it. I only need it to email you a copy of the letters we are to mail out. So PLEASE, if you can find it in your heart to join this effort, please submit this one question form. But ONLY DO SO IF YOU INTEND ON ACTUALLY SENDING OUT THE LETTERS, as once I have a head count, I will let this man know. PLEASE SIGN BELOW !

Please Sing the Petition !

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