-Empathy- By Dusty L. Bowman


Being in the depth of Gehenna is the essence of serving natural life in that both are the rendering presence of death amongst us behind these fences in the purest form of condemnation, as if , rotting away and forgotten in the existence of society, abandoned and isolated from life we once knew. This is the secrecy in the darkness of a grave in the solitariness of that which is the Florida Department of Corrections IC- corruption”. If society knew the truth of which their tax paying dollars is fed by administrations false propaganda only to feed their corruption of unconditional atrocities entangled with their conspires of lies, reprisal and never-ending cover-ups. For this purpose, the executives of the Florida Department of Corrections completely removed the term “Rehabilitation “from its title. It is solely “The Florida Department of Corrections”. This evilness in which I dwell is administrations way to dehumanize the souls in it’s confinements to feed their life-long career through as much recidivism, they’re modern day slave system can achieve in its multi-million dollar industrial prison complex .Just as if a Pitbull is caged and mistreated for a long period of time , when it gets out of it’s cage it commits havoc in society. Thus, being the same for a human being that has lost all self-worth to where life has no goals to be reached, so mush to the point that since no rehabilitation can be found, minds deteriorate into derangement of uncivilized proportion. So, in all truth, this prison system is only creating the men whom walk through its gates to become a menace of violence in all its forms, including those inmates whom have the chance to return to civilization. Our fate is worse than death as we waste away in this man-made hell that is cunningly designed to cause no will to live, which reduces us to less than human !it’s inevitability has caused us to drift from the world our past use to know , suffocation in breathless inhumanity…

Dusty Bowman #130457

Lake C.I.

19225 U.S. HWY 27


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