Eric Anderson My story!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

On august 30th 2002 I received a phone call from detective Clearance Calloway and Stephen Bohlin they ask if I could come down to the Police Station and talk with them, to which my answer was I would be there around 3:30pm. I called my mom Ann Anderson and explained to her what had happened and asked her if she would go down to the station with me. My mom came down to my aunt’s house and picked me up and my sister we went down to the Clearwater Police Station. Once I got to the station, I gave the clerk my i.d license and explained to her my reason for being there and she explained that officer Calloway and Bohlin was not in but to wait, not to long after that they came to the lobby and proceeded to pull their gun on me in front of my family. After the situation they brought me into the interrogation room and asked me? did I know anything about Johnny Thomas Murder, and they expressed to me that if I didn’t talk, they would Charger me with every charge that was unsolved in the County. I left the Police Station with about 17 charges that day, I was taken to Pinellas County Jail where I was charged with all Robbery’s, Home invasions, & assault charges. As I set in the county jail my bond was $336,000 after a few months they went to dropping a lot of my charges, my bond went to dropping too, so I called my mom who called my aunt and she called her boyfriend who was a bond’s man. I was told by my aunts’ boyfriend that he would be bonding me out that morning but around 4 am in the morning I was going to first appearance for a new charge. I was then given this murder charge with no Bond, so therefor I was stuck in the county. I sat in the county for 3 yrs fighting this charge that they said they had D.N.A, and a eye witness who took me to commit the crime that would make the eye witness a accomplice. Of course, they lied about the D.N.A because they said there was no match in the system for the D.N.A. they had, now they come and swabbed me and a month later they say I was a match, having been already arrested for other charges they should have had my D.N.A. on file. my lawyer put in a motion to retest the D.N.A and the Judge denied it and states that they didn’t have anymore D.N.A left that they ran out. I recently filed another motion, so they can retest other evidence that they had in the scene of the crime. The judge denied that motion stating I never specified where the evidence was located that I wanted retested and that they don’t have the funds to retest. Also, I filed the same motion in 2010 I feel like he knows that the testing of the D.N.A. will exonerate me as to why he is denying me all options. I spoke with a lawyer in my county St. Petersburg, Fl a lawyer name Andrew Crawford he and my Penalty Phase lawyer work together before and he explained to my Girlfriend that he would need $7500 to do my whole case. I need help with raising the money if anyone reading my story will like to help me with the lawyer fee contact him at:

Address: 5200 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Andrew J Crawford

Phone: (727) 471-1085

Eric Anderson #262009

Apalachee East Unit

Current Release date : LIFE

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