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Greetings and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to write and thank you for the Christmas Cards. They totally made my day, in here the Holiday’s are truly lonely for people like me. Most people don’t understand just what a letter or card means to us. It shows that we are loved and not forgotten by people out in the free world. This is not a good place and every day is a struggle, just a couple of days ago I saw a man get raped & his head split open by his roommate. He only had a 2-year sentence, he tried everything he could to get out that room, but the guards told him to handle his business and be a man. He was not a fighter, where people like me are willing to stab and kill another to be safe others are not.

The guards in here are of no help and don’t care about us or our safety, that’s just a little of what I see every day. This system shows you so much corruptness and hate that it makes you wonder about everybody else, but one letter, card and even a little $ can make life easier for you in here. the soap we get is the size of a hotel bar, one roll of toilet paper a week so if you got diarrhea you stuck, 1 tooth paste/ brush a month and maybe. The food is trash is either burnt or spoiled and don’t complain because they take you straight to the hole or get jumped by the same guards that are supposed to protect you.

That’s why people in the free world are important, So Once again Thank you for the Christmas Card.

Sincerely, William Smith.

Tylor C.I

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