From a Pharaoh to a Negro!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

From Pharaoh to Negro

From Pharaoh and Pyramid builder to Negro,

The Law of cause and effect states we reap what we sow,

Did the Pharaoh sow seeds which would reap bound souls?

Or are we the Victims of materialism out of control?

Acres of Rough, intentionally arrested diamonds planted in ghettos,

latent martins, Dubois and wrights asleep in subconscious negro grottos,

From superman to man,

From manila to teacher of Tarzan,

The African is the Personification of Christ Man,

Spirituality and Forgiveness are our twin keys of survival,

Our brief instructions before leaving earth is tantamount to a bible,

Like roaches and honey bees we extract the bare necessities,

Even when bound in Chains some of us are free,

Pharaoh built pyramids to initiate Christ,

In the beginning was the word, and it's most potent when spoken at night,

Spawn is a code name for super spade negro,

only by mounting the cross did he re-become a hero,

From plantation to prison to institution,

wrongfully convicted black man by corrupt prosecutions,

God is the creator of those disrespectfully called Nigga,

We put a man in space with the help of three negro "hidden figures"

it is God's way to bring the button rail top,

it is the nature of cream to rise to the apex like a farmer's crop,

this poem is a story thrice told,

Written by a Negro who Re-became Pharaoh.

Woodie Thomas #k51076

New River C.I.

Sentenced to Life

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