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(page #9)"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights ,that among these are Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights ,governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or to abolish and institute new government" this quote is from Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration Of Independence. Our founding fathers had the right idea and superb insight. The vast majority of people in Florida, should they ever find out the truth behind the "smoke and mirrors" they too would be ready to form a new Government, one BY the people, OF the people and FOR the people! ----------------------------- About the Author -------------------------- My name is George T. Broxson also known in the Florida Department of corrections as #219555,I am a Florida native, half Native American /half white. It was almost thirty years ago(three decades) where as a 21 year old kid I was arrested, tried and convicted of a homicide(I still maintain my innocence) When I was sent away to prison, it didn't take me long to realize that street-smarts would only get me so far in this new world of criminals. It was only then that my real education started! What you as a reader don't know is this) upon my arrival in the Florida prison system I had an I.Q. in the upper 60's,I was diagnosed ( in court) as borderline autistic, the sad part was that I really was. It was only by my out-of-control behavior that I landed at FLORIDA STATE PRISON, placed on close management 1status (close management 1 status is: long term single cell confinement due to the inmates inability to function in a population status without becoming a threat to other inmates, correctional staff or the good order of the institution).It was during this confinement that forced me to come to terms with myself and in so doing, realize that I was illiterate, I could basically read and write, so as the weeks that followed my confinement, I would get a letter from my mother, then to respond to it would take me a week to copy the words from the letter into a reply, at that time there was no telephones at FLORIDA STATE PRISON.I sought my G.E.D., only to be told that because I was at Florida state prison (the ONLY prison in the state) educational advancements were unavailable. I spent ten (10) long years there, finally in 2000 the prison went into full lockdown and I was moved to Union C.I. where again I sought educational avenues, only to be told " none are available". So I went back to hustling, where I again landed back on close management two and transferred to Columbia C.l. I was released from close management in 2002 and transferred to Gulf C.l. Again I was denied entry to education, only this time I was advised I had " TOO MUCH TIME" then suddenly fate took a turn in my life, one day while going to the noon meal I was angry and venting about how as an American I can't get my GED in prison, however if I had five years or less anyone can get a GED, especially the non-English speaking inmates who are going to be "deported" back to there native country! it was during this thiarid that an inmate pulled me to the side and introduced me to a college in California that would help Florida inmates get an education, I applied and was accepted then with the help of my family and friends, in April of 2006 I achieved a "DOCTORATE OF METAPHYSICS" Degree. The following June I received my "ORDAINMENT OF MINISTRY" credentials! even before I achieved my very first degree I was signing up for others, at times I questioned my own sanity for doing all this work, I finally came to understand that I was doing this because I love to learn and the thirst for knowledge was consuming my life ,my family and friends saw the change in me (as the cost of these degrees are expensive),they encouraged me as well as supported me, and once again in 2017 (nine years later)My hard work and perseverance paid off, I achieved a "MASTERS DEGREE IN RELIGION" then shortly there after a "DOCTORATE OF RELIGIOUS SCIENCE" now that I look back on it I am thankful because all my correspondence courses kept me out of trouble. And it should be noted that these degrees were achieved WITHOUT any assistance from the Florida department of corrections. I find it unique, that it is ok for my family to pay for my college courses but there tax dollars aren't good enough to afford me a basic GED in prison. Throughout the years i have written training manuals for inmates ranging from Gavel Clubs PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE to INMATE HORTICULTURE ......Once again perseverance paid off, I am now at MAYO C.I. where I requested enrollment in education and to my surprise and delight I was admitted, at least for thirty-two days, then I was kicked out(because on paper I have a life sentence) so I grieved the dismissal and the assistant warden of programs (Mrs. Hill) stepped in, submitted my name to the education director in Tallahassee who approved me to receive a GED, I am currently enrolled in the education system and by all projections I should finally have my long sought after GED within five months!! I also wanted to share some interesting information with you,,,, Back in March of 2015 I received my very first PAROLE HEARING after serving twenty-five years in prison, it was at this public hearing held in Tallahassee that the parole commission issued me a (PPRD) presumptive parole release date of 12/27/2036 and scheduled me for another parole hearing in November of 2021.I should tell you that I submitted nothing to them at my first hearing, however all my degrees and accomplishments will be submitted at this next hearing, I would ask you the reader of this to please keep me in your prayers, should you wish to contact me after reading this I would welcome it, George

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