page#8) national Drug threat assessment was released, it shows that heroin, fentanyl and other opioids continue to be the highest drug threat in the nation. Figures show more than 72,000 people died in 2017 from drug overdoses across the US, data also shows 42,249 people died from opioid related deaths in 2016. President Trump has declared the US opioid crisis a “public health emergency" and he pledged to put an extremely big dent in the scourge of drug addiction, even fatal heroin overdoses rose nationwide with more than twenty-two percent in the southern US. The DEA's report also noted that methamphetamine is making its way into communities where drugs normally wasn't used, the chronic use of methamphetamine can cause paranoia, hallucinations as well as delusions. So with the Florida prison system being a hotbed for cannabinoids, opiates (let's not forget about the K-2/ Toochie) and the most dangerous of all "fentanyl" or "molly" in the prison system. While many consider it a disgrace, Julie Jones was forced to make drastic decisions/cuts. After three decades (of incarceration)in the Florida prison system I finally saw Julie Jones clean up a vast majority of the staff on inmate abuse, she was the best secretary I have seen in thirty is really a shame the new governor replaced her, little does he know that he has crippled the Florida department of corrections. Here’s the reason for these cuts that had to be made, I speak about this because I have known this inmate for almost all my time in the prison system. Many years ago there was an inmate who came into the Florida prison system, his name was Carl - Carl was suffering from hepatitis C, he went through the medical department as the rules say he even saw a prison doctor who gave him a clean bill of health, yet his hurting never went away, now fast forward fifteen years, I saw a copy of a class action lawsuits where he had filed into federal court, it seems the Florida department of corrections had not only refused to treat him, but had went as far as to deny he even had hepatitis C, until he filed the lawsuits, then and only then was he tested for hep.C and guess what? He was positive for the disease, all he wanted was to be treated, so as part of the settlement of his lawsuits Carl advised the Florida prison system that all inmates will be tested, and "if" the test positive they are to be treated! that's not too much to ask for is it? what this did was open up a huge Pandora's box because not only was Carl refused and denied all these years but thousands of inmates were, Why? because of the cost, it costs between twenty-five thousand dollars up too seventy-five thousand dollars per inmate treatment, and here's the real kicker one out of every three inmates currently incarcerated is positive for hepatitis C. now think back to right after the new governor got elected he wanted to get drugs from Canada where they would be cheaper because the amount of money needed is staggering because they refused to treat the inmates in the first place. what is Scary is how contagious hep.C is and combined with how many men were released with hep. C, to take it out to their family and infect them unknowingly.

to me that is the real danger, that is why and what you’re not being told. However, you heard it here first from me! Another huge problem is in the current Florida prison system inmates have 100% idle time inmates are being "warehoused" so there is nothing to do but scheme on how to get more drugs, get in trouble or further there climb up there gang ladder, I am in one of these warehouses there's 86 inmates in here counting me, and only three clean the bathroom, what does the rest do? nothing, all day long these inmates make up reasons to argue in order to have a way to pass the time, keep in mind that these are inmates from all walks of life with all amounts of time to do that goes all the way up to natural life in prison. So in order to give not just non-violet drug offenders something to do to keep their mind off of drugs I highly recommend that inmates be placed on work details where they go out of the prison and serve the communities that need it most, cutting grass cutting down trees, hauling away debree if these inmates are tired when they come in at the end of the day they will shower, eat and go to sleep, where as it is the prison guards have to chase the inmates to their beds. Where were the inmates allowed to serve the community as the days went on eventually this habit of lifestyle just might take hold in their lives? Then on the weekends, it should be mandatory drug treatment classes. If these inmates really knew how just being incarcerated hurt their family at least half would never come back to prison. And on the other hand, if all inmates in prison were not coddled but forced to work at something many would realize that prison is no longer a haven for drugs and they just might reconsider their decisions. I would like to clarify a point here as well, this working in the community should not just apply to the nonviolent drug offenders. Many of us in prison are in for violent crimes, however given the chance many would stop to help the elderly, the little ones and in reality anyone in need, just because a mistake was made (in my case twenty-nine years ago) doesn't mean we are trash to be thrown away forever. A former Republican Governor had the right idea he allowed ALL prisoners to be placed in leg chains, taken outside the prison and worked under correctional security of course. My point to all this is each inmate should have the chance to redeem himself. Unfortunately the lawmakers think they are more important as well as intelligent then the tax payers/voters and until you the tax payer come together and take out the bobbleheads, drain the swamp, then these injustices are going to continue. I would like to point out a quote from Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration Of Independence....(see page #9)


Mayo C.I.

Current Sentence :LIFE

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