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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Misguided policies--the downfall starts-------------- A huge amount of people don't even realize that a big reason why the United States is a global leader in mass incarceration. One major reason is a direct result of the misguided, decades old “tough-on-crime" policies, which were supposed to keep everyone safe when in reality these policies have proven to be a failure, chief amount these failures in policies was the 1994 crime bill, this particular bill gave the state of Florida 12.5 billion dollars in federal money for prison construction ONLY if the “TRUTH-IN-SENTENCING" laws were enacted. These laws also required inmates (people) to serve 85% of their court ordered sentences. This truth-in-sentencing law was such a success in the early nineties that on average, a new prison opened every fifteen days and thus was born the prison industrial complex that today has become a millstone around the Florida taxpayers’ necks. As a Floridian you are a participant in that failed complex of the 1990's and unfortunately, as a product of this mass incarceration guise, Florida taxpayers are starting to feel the venomous sting of this “truth-in-sentencing" laws, how? First through the draining cost of your tax dollars, and second by and for the elderly inmates(people) healthcare. So how does the elderly inmates(people) healthcare factor in? Perhaps a little history will better help you understand my perspective, let's go back to the year of 1975 the Governor signed into law Florida's death penalty, it was only eight years later that the Florida legislature attempted to abolish the Florida Parole Commission(1983) this action was stalled because of an appeal, the court gave this commission a onetime extent ion of ten years to conclude all parole able inmates. In (1993) the Florida Parole Commission was officially abolished however this was only a ruse to mislead the public taxpayers. In 1993 the Florida Parole Commission reappeared under the new name of “Commission On Offender Review”, where there's still an average of 3,500 inmates(people) still incarcerated under this ancient and forgotten parole system, so after all these years that go by these inmates(people) lives dwindle there hopes diminish, after twenty five years or more of hard prison life, poor medical treatment, experimental drugs as well as experimental foods, the hope and thought of "rehabilitation" is by this time a misguided fantasy. why the twenty-five years? when the death penalty was signed back into law the old law that was an alternative to the death penalty was life without the possibility of parole for twenty-five years, this law was on the books until 1995,so all inmates found guilty by the courts of a capital crime from 1995 back to 1975 were and are still under this law. Recently on the evening world news President Trump entertained the subject of prison reform (which he implemented later on) at the end of this media clip, Florida’s former U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(R-FL) was interviewed and he made the statement "that was Florida to embrace prison reform it would have to address and give back to the courts their discretion in sentencing ‘offenders` accordingly”, keep in mind that this was the very same career politician who was instrumental in leading the 1990's charge for TOUGH-ON-CRIME a.k.a. "TRUTH-IN-SENTENCING" twenty-five years later a leader in these failed policies was once again brought to the forefront with a solution, this is akin to changing the pilot as the plane is crashing down...Please don't misconstrue what I am speaking about, these inmates(people) I write about here have committed crimes, victimized fellow citizens and terrorized communities. There has never been an excuse for that type of behavior, if it is one thing any inmate(person) learns from inside a prison fence it is that it is not just the victim of the crime that has been victimized, this list grows very long, even to the degree that the victimizers family is hurt, even the victimizer has hurt themselves due to their inability to live in and function in society. Some offenders should never be released, after all who would want a serial rapist in a neighborhood of women and kids, I certainly wouldn't tolerate it in my neighborhood, however when this person has paid their debt to society, they have the right to be a productive member of the community once again. That is where close monitoring comes into being. A huge amount of Florida taxpayers has no idea that the Florida dept. of corrections has its own satellite in orbit, put there to monitor inmates (people) on supervised release. why not use it for its purpose?, after all, you as the taxpayer paid for it! You now have a brief glimpse of the massive prison buildup in the 90's and how the failed parole system was renamed as well as the 3,500 prisoners who were left behind to die, while costing you ,the taxpayer, more money as the years go by. To further elaborate on this topic, consider this.....A copy of an e-mail was circulated inside the Florida prison system, this e-mail was from Mrs. Sarah Rumph (2012).In it she was writing about the rules and regulations regarding FLORIDA STATUTE 947.001 --947.26 this Florida statute is listed in a lesser degree as FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE(F.A.C.)#23-21 and this particular code is titled "COMMISSION OPERATIONS" It sets the tone and pace the commission will follow when conducting its business on parole releases [ Quoting Mrs. Rumph] "Rule changes are made in-house by the commission itself, the reason for the change is because the current scoring system used to determine parole release dates is outdated, uneconomical and not in line with today's evidence, based on static factors that do not change like the nature of the offense and the age of the inmate(person) at the time of the offense, the current system does not take into account or place emphasis (Continuation to Come)

By; George Broxson # 219555

Mayo C.I.

Life Sentenced

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