George Broxson Part #6 on Misguided Policies.

Gangs are running rampant inside of Florida's prison system, corrupting underpaid guards, manipulating an illicit drug trade and threatening as well as murdering other inmates. It is no secret that gangs are a growing problem, in Florida alone there has been a drastic rise in this type of activity sense 2000, unfortunately, Florida’s solution to this is to put them in prison. To many Floridians, it does make the immediate problem go away, well SURPRISE it won't! Gang recruiters troll prisons as much as they target the children, recruiters troll area neighborhoods looking for the children who they may think are in need of some attention, these people start with a simple conversation, later when they meet the child again the recruiter can tell if the adolescent is susceptible to their influence, the next thing the child knows is that they have a new friend who is showing them there is someone who cares about them, how they feel, how they look, a new pair of sneakers, all the material items the parent/parents can’t afford to furnish the adolescent is freely given by their new friend.( It is a sad fact that usually when a child is being raised by the mother, the father is incarcerated.)After these recruiters then expose the loyalty side of unity to the child and explain to the child that there is a family much larger than him that accepts him as their own, usually by this time the child is 100% loyal to the Gang, now the child grows up with a reckless disregard for authority that will eventually lead him/her to prison only to find out that even in prison there's still family inside, so the security continues as well as the disregard for anyone not part of their gang. How do you as a taxpayer change a lifestyle of disregard, and intolerance? especially now that this gang member is incarcerated? My suggestion is a rather simple one...Once an inmate is known to be a gang member, the gang member should be immediately put in solitary confinement,(this may sound a little trump, but it just might work)if the inmate is an American citizen, while he/she is in solitary confinement they should re-indoctrinated the degree that they refuse to take part in any further gang activity. If however this person is not a citizen of this country, they should be confined twenty-three to twenty-four hours a day, left in solitary confinement (but still treated humanely) until the day they are deported, with a severe warning to NEVER come back to this country. Recently Florida's top news story was "three prison guards charged with smuggling cell phones, cigarettes and money" into Avon park correctional institution. Unfortunately, this type of news has become so common that it is an everyday news occurrence. One thing that you as a taxpayer didn't know was back around 2012 the Florida department of corrections had a newly appointed secretary by the name of Mr. Buss, he was brought down to Florida from the upstate area to reduce the overcrowded prison system. He (and then governor Scott)wanted the prison system reduced to 33,OOO inmates, the current incarceration rate was then 102,000 inmates(today it is at around 98,000 inmates)Unknowingly, one of the first things this new secretary did was remove cigarettes from the prison system, and by doing this a new drug trade or black market arose, overnight one pack of cigarettes went to 100 dollars a pack, when the cigarette ban went into full effect there was (and still is)an exclusion, the correctional employees are allowed to bring their tobacco products into the prisons, so with cigarettes going on the black market at a price of one hundred dollars a pack, it is no small wonder that so many prison guards are being arrested for bringing in contraband tobacco, this is where, once again, the gang activity comes into play. These gang inmates contact there gang members on the outside and have them send :cash money, tobacco, cellphones and even hard drugs, like Molly,K-2 and Meth to these prison guards to smuggle in, and naturally once the guards do this one time they are extorted and blackmailed until they are caught. So how does anyone stop this type of behavior? first return the tobacco products back to the prison system this will stop the black market immediately!! The Florida Department of corrections has dogs trained to sniff out lithium batteries in a cell phone and even today the guards have a handheld detector that will pick up anything dense! The prison system also has dogs trained to sniff out any type of drug, so use them to do so, these doge are available at every major prison in the state!!!! (Issue#6..Solution)Carrier politicians are baffled as to how(or even) where to start to combat these above crisis' in order to help ease the burden on you the taxpayers. My solution? First of all it is in my opinion that these two words don't go together "carrier and politician" as one of the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson said, “this country should vanquish parliament in our country EVERY TWO YEARS" our biggest problem in Florida is we have elected officials in our country who have been in politics for decades, and the whole time there private pockets are getting fat, while there head is in the sand, only to tell the taxpayers (or "constituents “as they call you)how hard they are working. The truth is all the elected officials/politicians should be removed and new members of the public should be put in and all be held accountable by the public taxpayers. Make all hearings in the legislation be held in an open forum, so you as a taxpayer can observe how your tax dollars is being used. Make all new laws, statutes, and codes be put to public polls first. This way you can have a say in your taxes, I say we clean out the carrier politicians and start a new with "common sense" and "hold accountable" approach. It must start somewhere, and it needs to start NOW! Recently the Florida legislature was held, it was in session for sixty days, however after the first forty-five days the (see page#7)

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