God's Grace on My life.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

What is good world? First and foremost, Before I break ya’ll off, I want to give God the Glory and Praise for being such a Merciful and Amazing God, Then I want to give a special shout out to “Flyguyphotoshop” for holding it down and uplifting the Fallen Soldiers by showing us love in all they do.

Please allow me to introduce Myself. My name is Jermaine I’m currently serving an 18year bid, I have been incarcerated for the last 10 years since the age of 17.I am now 27 years old and blessed by the best, I am able to come forth and confess to ya’ll that God is good and all the time God is good. When I got arrested, I came in with a 27yr old sentenced followed by 10 years of probation. By the grace of God, I was blessed in 2014 to be given 9 years and 10 years of probation back to the system. God know I don’t deserve His Mercy and Grace that He poured down on me, allowing me to see that Favor shows me that His hand was on my life all along. Younger I was going through some major struggles, I messed up a lot and my way of thinking was all the way off. I ran the streets thugging and nothing fazed me, a month after I was arrested My mom was called on Home by the Lord. I thought wow God really has his foot on my neck, once again I was wrong that was far from the truth. God sometime has to allow us to go our own way so that when we are at our end we can look up to Him, and then He uses the situation to build us up .I grew up in the Church with a good family, once I started smelling myself I thought I was grown got a smell of the streets and fell in love with it. Church & God was out of the picture until I got into some trouble, then I looked up and started acknowledging Him. While I ran the streets that was what I did get into trouble and cry out to God, so when I got incarcerated, I cried out to God, but He told me not this time. so, in 2012 I was sent to C.M 23-hour lock down and there I realized God was making a point to me. During my time in C.M, I started reaching out to God and acknowledging Him and then the Blessings started to pour down. I started to look at people differently believe me the change didn’t come over night. But God has been with me guiding me and when I fall He guides me in the right direction there is a constant Battle especially living in this environment. If we try He will guide us along the way this aint no Chain Gang Religion anybody who think He is fooling God is only fooling Himself. God knows our thoughts even before we think them. When we decided to Run from God, we are only doing what satan wants us to do, I promise He will fix your situation Just reach out to Him. I want you to know that I still struggle But God always gives me the strength to make it through. No matter what I’m facing I continue to have faith and ask God to keep His hands on me. I encourage ya’ll to do the same, I’m here as a witness today to confess to you guys that God is good and prayer, faith and Belief change things.

Love yall, As I Remain rooted in realness and Driven by Faith

p.s. I’m on the way back to court soon to give more time back 10 years later, Now tell me God aint Good.

Jermaine Clark #k77322

Jackson Work Camp

Current release date :07/29/2026

release date subject to change.

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