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At this time of my incarceration, I’ve came upon many who feel as though they’re innocent because of one lie or another on the state behalf. But as you get to understand my situation you will learn and understand that I am truly INNOCENT I drafted my motion here, so you see for yourself. ONCE AGAIN THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE MENTIONED IN MOTION. NO DNA, FINGER PRINTS, FOOT PRINTS THAT LINK ME TO THE CRIME. No Witness that place me at and or around the crime. The only witness states at the court hearing that I didn’t resemble neither one of the perpetrator’s that he seen at the VICTIM home day of the crime. I also have phone tower graph print -out’s that show’s and proves that I wasn’t within 20 miles north. South, east or west the whole day of the crime.

(Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Black Lives Matter do we Dare to Fight the Judicial System)

Charles Edward Hines, 21, was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years for his role in the November 2010 murder and attempted robbery of 64-year-old Manuel Raulerson at his 76th Street home near Live Oak.

It took a Suwannee County jury more than three hours to return a guilty verdict.

Hines was found to be guilty of attempted robbery, first degree murder and tampering with evidence, Third Circuit State Attorney Robert L. “Skip” Jarvis said.

The trial began Monday with jury selection in a Suwannee County courtroom. Closing arguments ended Thursday morning. The jury went into deliberations at 11:10 a.m. and returned the verdicts shortly before 3 p.m.

After the guilty verdicts were read, Circuit Judge Leandra Johnson sentenced Hines to life without the possibility of parole for the first degree murder charge, 15 years to run consecutive to the life charge for attempted robbery and five years to run consecutive with the attempted robbery charge for tampering with evidence.

Hines’ cousin, Edward Antonio Hines Jr., 19, was sentenced to life in prison in December for his part in the murder and attempted robbery.

A third codefendant in the case, 24-year-old Juan Fizzaro Gainer Jr., is expected to go to trial in late February. Gainer is also charged with the murder and attempted robbery of Raulerson.

Charles Hines #134634

Desoto Annex

Current Release Date : LIFE

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