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Dear Readers,

I have been incarcerated now 20 years. Honestly, I am not a saint, but the truth is I don’t deserve a natural Life sentence without parole. I did not hurt or kill anybody. What I did was wrong I was young and made some bad choices, but I think I deserve a chance to come home. By participating in this robbery, I made a big mistake, I have no prior robbery conviction before this case I am not a hardcore criminal. The court got mad because I didn’t take the 20 yr. plead deal they offered and took the case to trial and gave me natural life sentence without a chance at parole .During my time here I have filed Motions to the Third district court of appeals. The courts have informed me that they will no longer accept any Motions from me unless there signed by a Licensed Attorney, First Co-signs and writes her or his bar number on the motion , or files the Motion directly to the courtroom on my behalf .This is the reason I’m reaching out to see if someone can help me . My Family doesn’t’ have the money to hire a lawyer I have a son that was born 2 months after my arrest and I have never seen him outside of prison.

The night of the robbery me and a Friend Claudel Galette went to rob a guy because we were told by a friend name Marcel that he had Drugs and Money and the guy didn’t have any Drugs or Money when we got there. We did rob the guy for $900 and got away but do to the fact that he wasn’t a Drug dealer he called the Police and reported the Robbery. Then a BOLO was placed for two black males in a Black 626 Mazda a “BOLO” Means: Be on the Lookout. Four days after the robbery me and my co defendant was stopped on 119th and 7th Ave by a Detective in an undercover Police Car. Then after being 2 years in the county the court offered us a 20 year plead deal , I rejected the 20 year plead deal for 2 reasons , 1: The Attorney and the Courts did not informed me that if I didn’t take the Plead deal that I would facing a Natural Life sentence in Prison without Parole. I thought that since I did not hurt the Victim or Kill anyone, I would not be facing a Life without parole sentence. 2: I did not promptly accept the 20-year plea offer because I was being Loyal to my co-defendant Claudel Galette who did not want to take the plead deal, but little did I know he had planned to double cross me at the trial. He told the courts that it was Me and Marcel who committed the crime and he was the get away driver and the Jury believed him, even though the victim identified him as a second suspect and that he had the gun. I was sentenced to natural Life in Prison without a chance of parole a first-time crime offender. You can look up my case #F00-4068A If you like to verify the truth of this Story. I have Attached my Motion to this Story:

Ernest Anicet #788227

Everglades Correctional Institution 1599 S.W. 187th Ave. Miami, Florida 33194

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