I'm Looking for my Sister's!

Updated: May 7, 2019

Steve Lorenzo

Poem: I cry because of my loved One I cannot find, I still love them because they are mine.

When Dark Comes, I explore my mind hope that I can find them in time, I cry out to someone

In hoe that they can hep me. This time has run me down I come here a long time ago.

By dreams the day had come

By light the sun shine

By love the trust the heart is mine

By girl a woman is born of time

To all of my by you are mine ..

P.S. I am looking for my family I have been here since 1982 my sister’s names are Yvette Shaw & Earline Shaw, Patrice Shaw there from Opalocka Area. after my mother passed away, I have not heard from them if you may know them let them know that I love them, and I hope to hear from them.

Steve Lorenzo# 085161

Okaloosa C.I.

Current Release date : Life

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