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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I Wonder Why ….

*A lot of people in society forgets that God created each of us.

*A lot of people in society forgets many stories in the Bible where men of God were faced with imprisonment.

*A lot of people in society forgets the scriptures of forgiving and have neglected me because of my situation.

*A lot of people outside of my immediate family and community have forgotten all the good, I’ve done and the person I was before getting caught up with the law.

*I’ve never been committed to a juvenile program but was direct-filed into the adult judicial system at the age of seventeen when I was a known -educated star- athlete.

* People have neglected me since I caught this long bid.

*Florida judicial system is using the prison release pre-offender act to impose excessive mandatory sentences such as natural life for burglary robbery and carjacking offenses. (PRR ACT IS WHEN A PRISONER’S RELEASED FROM PRISON COMMITS A CRIME(S) WITHING 3 YRS, OF HIS OR HER RELEASE DATE MUST BE SETENCED TO THE MAXIMUM PENALTY OF THE CHARGED CRIME)

*A murder could be sentenced less time that myself when I haven’t harmed, hurt or killed anyone, and all the alleged victims in my case were criminals active in the streets and the incident deprived from a drug deal.

*The alleged Victims: Charles Eric Frazier (a.k.a Yellow), Eddie Lee Mc intosh III (A.K.A Wennie), Shanteeka Benefield (a.k.aShan) and Lashonda Rashad Griffin (a.ka. Rashad), Had the nerve to call the police after being robbed during their drug transaction and violate the code of the streets (what happens in the streets stays in the streets), then get on the stand and sing like choir members, and acting like they were honest law-abiding citizens and cast stones at me.

*My attorney was ineffective and conspired with the court in order to convict me.

*Eric Frazier (yellow) has done all types of breaking the law but hasn’t been charged and prosecuted.

*The judicial system allows people like Eric Frazier to become informants when they’re breaking the law selling drugs, robbing and other crimes.

*The prosecutor in my case (Tracie Spoto) covered up the facts of all the alleged victims being criminals and the incident depriving in a drug transaction, misleading the jury and denying me a fair trial.

*After Rashad Griffin and Eddie L. Mc Intosh (weenie) recanted their sworn statements before trial and admitting they lied in prior sworn statements My attorney (P.D) didn’t Properly utilize this evidence to impeach Eric Frazier’s testimony and inconsistent statements that would have freed me .

* Eric Frazier and Shanteeka Bennifield has told the community that their actions were because the incident violated their household with kids when their home was a trap house where drugs and all kinds of other illegal things were sold daily.

*Eric Frazier Don’t remember that he robbed me firsthand when he sold me that fake chain and lied in trial stating that he never received the chain back to reimburse me my money.

*I was found guilty of burglary when the two essential elements that must be proven where Frazier and Benefield testifies that I was an invitee to their residence, I ate dinner there and that I could just walk in their home without knocking “meaning “I had consent and there wasn’t an unlawful entry or remain in superstitiously

*Eric Frazier acts like His mother (Diane Ogletree) aint a crack-head from the 80” s till today and have robbed so many people to support her habit.

*I was convicted of robbery on Eddie L. Mc Intosh (WEENIE) and carjacking on Rashad Griffin when both of them gave Recanted Testimonies that they lied in prior Sworn Statements, and that they didn’t know any of the three suspects with ski mask, whereas, I was the only person arrested, charged and convicted.

*People can’t feel my pain and be there for me and don’t recognize a Flyguy like me ...

William Pittman dc#364577

Holmes C.I.

Current Release date: Life

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