Injustice by the Justice System !

I have been incarcerated sense the early1990's,when I came to prison the prison officials were still using "common sense”, one of the things they were doing was to allow the inmates family to send them items from home, via a "package permit" these items could be anything from a towel to sneakers to underwear, inmates in turn took care of their property back then. Then in the late 1990's a new governor comes into office and as the new governor he decides that the state should provide for all inmates, so the personal property that inmates had was listed as _"Grandfathered in"_ and the inmates that had this type of property were allowed to retain it until it either wore out or it broke(,I still have a few items like a wallet, eye glasses etc.).Recently there was an area search done here at mayo correctional (,I am housed in j-dorm), during this area search a new Sargent (Godfrey) was searching my property, he confiscated my towel and washcloth, it was sent to the property room. I in turn had to file a grievance, so when the grievance was received by the property Sargent (Ms. Roundtree)she called me in and refused to give me my towel, her first excuse was that the towel looked too good to be old, I explained to her I keep it put in my personal property locker and I only take it out and use it three to four times a year in order to keep it from rotting. I also advised her that my mother got me that towel and that my mother passed away back in 2012, it has a great deal of sentimental value to me. this Sargent advised me that she did see where I had a personal towel and washcloth in my approved property master file, however the towel that I had looked like it had been died, and therefore she WAS NOT giving it back to me, so I in turn advised her that I will be appealing her decision by using the grievance procedure, what is sad is the fact that the towel and washcloth should have never been taken in the first place and second, it should have been returned to me, however now that it’s not, I have to use your tax dollars to grieve the return of my property, which could go into the thousands of dollars. It now gives me great concern that the remaining "grandfather in" property is now in danger from the same correctional staff that are supposed to be protecting all inmates property, after all these years I am beginning to think that maybe I need to send my property home in order to protect it from the paid protectors. One of the ironic things I SAW while in this property room was while I'm being told that my towel and washcloth was being deemed contraband, was as I looked around the room there was all types of hobby craft items on display/hanging from the shelves, well according to the same rule that she is trying to use to take my towel, the items displayed in this room are contraband and contraband is supposed to be disposed of, not displayed. So, is a double standard being displayed here at mayo C.I.? (issue#2) I was at gulf C.I. during the hurricane when it tore up the prison, all inmates were moved to mayo C. l. as an emergency. Just before we got to mayo these dorms had really nice marble tile installed in the bathroom, what I thought was a good gesture turned out to be a coverup, each week the caustic supply inmates are brought around by their supervisor (Mrs. Wimberley) to spray an acid on the bathroom tile because the water has stained the tile a dirty brown and in order to get this stain off it must be sprayed with this acid, this is the same water that inmates are forced to drink here mayo annex, what I find really questioning is that there is not one officer or employee here at mayo C.I. annex that will drink this water, every employee either brings there water or buys it from the employees canteen. Is there something wrong with the water that only the prison officials know about? I know at times the water coming-out of the inmate water fountain is brown, and the hot water smells like a goldfish bowl, God only knows what type of health concerns this may raise in the future. I thought you as a reader may want to see some of what we are dealing with daily. God bless you.

George Broxson #219555

Mayo C.I.

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