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Updated: May 22, 2019

I continue to suffer at this camp, at the hands of the warder Booker, his staff and only God knows how far this evil could progress. I don’t have any family here in Florida, I rely on my elderly mother who lives on a fixed income. My complaint consists of basically a food service officer Steward, Ms. Dice at Taylor correction facility being poising my meals. I begin having health complications and realized what was the cause of my stomach pain, burning in my rectum, and swelling of my testicles. Health service till this day refuses to grant me a thorough examination, I have been mistreated here at Okaloosa Corrections .I have reached out to the Warden and the Director here and they have done nothing in regards to the mistreatment, I receive from the guards, food service staff & custody staff. My first complaint was written on February 16, 2016 and my recent complaint was this very month Oct, 2018 I sent it to the region one director of the department of corrections Angela Gordon. Anyway, I was placed on Medical Call-out, a request I never made, for any medical attention. At Taylor C.I at the Main-Unit Medical Office, there are no camera’s inside or outside. This is the only building, that is without cameras inside, outside. I sat for two hours and enquired with nurse Skelton on why I was called to Medical, she claimed because of a questionnaire to be given. This so-called questionnaire was completed 2 weeks ago prior to the date March17,2017, officer A. Cash approached me and started yelling obscenities stating that I need to speak to him and to Mrs. Skelton directly. I asked to sign a Refusal. Everyone who initially came with me were gone, and they were calling new arrival ahead of me. Officer Cash at the time would not let me leave and told me to sit my mother#$#% Ass down. I complied and she continued to call me all kinds of names during this time she continued her abuse getting in my face slamming me on the wall, officer Gunter was there and 12 other inmates. She continues her abuse until she bust my eye on the left side it started bleeding, she gassed me on the floor and threw me into confinement. I was found guilty of refusal a verbal order, and attempt battery on staff. The claim that I tried to head bump her after having been handcuffed. I have more stories of the abuse that goes on in the system and of their corruption.

Address: United States district Court

Northern District of Florida

111 North Adams Street, Suite 322

Tallahassee, Florida 32301-7717

James Darryl Slayton #t86973

Case # 4:18cv-84-rh-cas

Appeal# 18-13234- H

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