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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I am Jason A. Harrison also known as “FACE UNIQUE”

You are now in tune with “The Scion of a Dying a Breed” and I’m on fire so get ready for the Heat.

My past self has conditioned me for this very Moment, so this story is a product that was produced in the past. I am seizing the moment for clarity as if the entire world is moving too fast. Right here in this realist moment can you clearly identify the present with the future in real time. Right here I am observing present with the future but watch when I turn future into past overtime. Life really seems like it’s full of surprises, buy life is not so surprising to me. I know I caught many by surprise because I’m the underdog but now they can see, when moments where dark I constantly searched for light, then boom! I became a brighter light- bearer in this new world era, I stumbled so many times in the darkness, but now I’m executing differently as if there’s no room for error. Behold all of this is very significant, my blood sweat, and tears was just what I needed when I was taking several steps ahead. Revered recipient this is only the introduction for my book, so please stay in tune and consider the cards that were dealt before I spread. My poetic Autobiography was written philosophically from a thug’s point of view, but the more I contemplated on adjusting and adapting to a better program of morality, the more I desired to be salvaged from anything that’s conductive to moral destruction. I had to let the old ways go to make room for the new energy as a result, I received an expected reward, I.E. a Remedy. My dominance has been re-established on a finer base, which is the only suitable place where I can morally behave with the highest of morals. Before the transformation occurred’. I was a rebellious son and menace to a defective society. This instruction should be enough evidence to prove that my testimonies have the power to ignite the fire for greatness, therefor I will continue to artistically show the actual beauty in the graceful beast. I wrote this book because I figured that it was necessary to serve humanity with a mighty force before I return with double force. I wrote this book for the ones who are misunderstood, and I wrote this book for those who are treated like an outcast, the loyal , disloyal, the just & unjust , for the married and unmarried bachelors and the harlots, I wrote it for the free & prisoners .In fact as a prisoner I meticulously go into details about the struggles that I experienced in different phases & stages here in D.O.C IE department of Corrections. Ironically speaking there should be an inscription on the back of the officer’s badges that states “Department of Corruption” in this system I have seen Good Officer’s turn bad and I have seen some bad one’s turn good .only the strong survive so the weak are prayed on, but I have seen some of the strong become weak under dominating pressure that overpowers some of the weak at points where some of the strong courageously stand firm with no exception! When I awoke, I began to focus on mentally sharpening my mind, self-empowerment and remaining strong through all trials and tribulations. Certainly, intentions where already made to renew my faith and stick with my program. What am I? the epitome of strength power and endurance. This is just another piece of evidence and understanding has always been the best and most effective combination for the strong to survive in the menagerie. I wrote this book for the weak, the strong, the wise, the foolish, the lame, the rich and the poor. I wrote this book for the inexperienced hearts. for the record: I wrote my autobiography in order to artistically bring out the best in me while I reflect on the acts that I committed out of ignorance. Being able to project my thoughts artistically is a blessing that I constantly consider as a remedy from God. The highest, but it’s bigger than me, and apparently, I wrote my autobiography on the strength of humanity. Furthermore, I hope that I motivate you to do the best you can to be successful wherever you desire to succeed so that you will inspire someone else to be progressive, productive and successful. Revered recipient, I’m about to give you a portion of my life before I lay out my wild card that will automatically create avenues of progression before I acquire a foothold in society.” I drifted far somewhere in the past with intentions to recapture flash after flash, or the scenes that didn’t seem to play fast, but now I’m in the present on the way to a time yet to come .now it seem like wisdom is still the harbinger that’s paving the way so that I can navigate the wavelength after I hear the low sound of the trumpet and the low bang from the drum.

*Revered recipient, my forerunner will son blow the trumpet and drop the beat. The time is near, and the signs are clear.

The Doctrinal Autobiography of face Unique is enough inspiration for me to achieve an outstanding achievement with no Effort.

Jason A Harrison DC#B03097

Columbia Annex

Current Release date : 2026

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