Johnny Welch #G 05492

My birth name is Johnny Welch and I'm a Virgo born on 09-22-1979. I was a twin, however my twin died at birth because my dad did not want children - He beat my mother in the belly .

That was the second time that I overcame adversity. The first time I was out swimming the other sperms lol , I was created to overcome and I have been doing that ever since 1979.

I'm going to start at 15 yrs of age . I was a run away child because my mom used to abuse me since I looked like my sperm donor , " I mean dad" .A lot of people talk about drug dealers and drug users but they where the only ones that would help me , they tought me how to survive the streets . I started snorting cocaine . I remember a police officer came to me one night when I was about 17 and he said " I know what you out here doing and this is a dead end , You can do better .I thought about it for a second while I sat in the recliner underneath a tree - I had my dope bottle buried under me with about $80 worth of crack in my mouth, then I said why don't you help me? He told me to meet him at the police station the next day. He wasn't trying to help me he was trying to make me a snitch. A few years later I got a drug charge , at some point I went to prison boot camp .I passed my G.E.D. and went to Santa fe community college , but ended up dropping out because of money issues .. Thug Life again !I was in and out of jail for a few years until 2010 I was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison - guess what my plea offer was for? 1 year! The reason I did not take the plea was because the C.I. was not listed to come to trial . My trial counsel Michael Bryant told me that the state had no witness and that we would win . (lol ) the C.I. popped up at trial. The judge denied me relief l, but the district court of appeal did.The thing is that the district attorney cannot use a witness against you without telling you and allowing you to prepare to cross examine the witness . January 10, 2013 There was a hearing at the Levy County Court house concerning this issue, my trial counsel lied under oath, and worked with the state attorney and I was sent back to prison. What I learned later was that my counsel Michael Bryant was an assistant state attorney before he became a conflict attorney, you have his name look it up the court system is far from Fair. The department of Corrections put their minds and their lies together to insure an unfair battle field but guess what? I have evidence, here I am in prison I’ll be home 2019. I brought this to the attention of Daria Whistler the state attorney who did not care for bringing justice to the justice system .She explained to me that the evidence didn't matter because it had nothing to do with my case. What ? My freedom was denied based on this information, this was from Judge Moseley of the 8th Judicial system, so I brought the issue to the first district court of appeal .The attorney Generals office comes in and fights to uphold this judges ruling rather then look for the truth. By being poor I can't afford a attorney, all I asked the judge was to seek out the truth based on the truth reflected on the records. In 2010 I was found guilty of selling cocaine, sentenced to 10 yrs in prison then sent to Walton correctional. Officers beat up inmates at most institutions but as all institutions officers lie on inmates and put knifes on them and what this does is allow the correctional officers to take away our gain time leaving us to do our full time in prison. For example: an officer will lie and say she seen an inmate masturbating (sometimes its true) and take an inmate with a few months or a few years to get out and place him in a hostile environment where there are murders, people who have stabbed other inmates and have life sentences so they place you in this area waiting for you to get into a situation with someone who got nothing to loose, set you up to fail the system. One time they accused me of masturbationg in the bathroom by the grace of god they had placed the cameras in the facility and I said to Mrs. Johnson please mam look at the cameras she said to me there is cameras in the bathroom I said yes mam and I won the case because of it but because I got them mad they let me sit in confinement for 100 days. I wrote complaints and filed civil actions to the court – if you are being mistreated you must fight, to my surprise someone contacted the assistant warden GWEN BROCH who lied to the officer from that office .THIS VERY RESPECTABLE PERSON NAME IS T.SHARPE responded back to me through legal mail and told me that the assistance warden said that I did not follow proper paper procedure and that she was unaware of any legal mail issues but that she was willing to assist me. What Mrs.Brock expected was for T.Sharpe to just take her word for it and drop the issue which is what usually happens. However I still have the informal complaint (grievance ) and formal complaint concerning my legal mail issues in which singed and sent it to C.S.A T SHARPE . a few months later I was lied on again, I was placed in confinement for no reason then sgt Hewett someone else D.R. and gave it to me . Mr Hewett also threated to stamp out my gold teeth and put them in a jar and threaten to go after my family if I filed a civil action. I did file a civil action against him on the 14th judicial circuit his threats where caught on video audio and sent to the inspector who did nothing about it .

Civil actions :

Johnny welch vs paynter 2018cc-000295 leon county ( pending )

Johnny welch vs paynter 2018-cc-00294 leon county (pending )

Johnny welch vs D.O.C 1017-4980 1st D.C.A (pending )

Johnny welch vs D.O.C 1017-1496 1st D.C.A ( pending )

Johnny welch vs Francis weeks 1018-0184 1st D.C.A (pending )

Johnny welch vs Alicen Ford 3:16 cv 590-lc -c3x ( federal court ) ( pending )

Johnny welch vs hill case # to be assigned ( Lafayette county ) ( pending )

Johnny welch vs baker case # to be assigned (Lafayette county ) ( pending )

Johnny welch vs Hewett case # to be assigned ( Holmes county ) ( pending )

Johnny welch vs Julie Jones 1:16- cv -285 wth-cas Gainesville division ( pending )

I am fighting for what I feel is right this are Johnny welch vs marsh case # to be assigned ( Holmes County ) ( pending )

A lot of cases for one man but this is to prove to you that what I’m saying is true its my evidence but if I have all this evidence then what’s the problem? These are the struggles we fight with here in prison for our rights.

Johnny welch / G05492

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