My son died after 29 days in ICU. The last 46 days of his life were brutal, torturous, barbaric and completely inhumane. This story will shock you and disgust you. I am sharing his story to bring awareness and accountability to what goes on with the abuse of power in our society. We need to make changes to stop the abuse of power in all facets of our communities. Whether it is a religious leader, someone of fame and fortune, a pro-sports star, a politician, or law enforcement. People in positions of power and authority continue to abuse with no accountability. My son was tortured, beaten, abused and denied medical treatment by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. I will share with you my son’s grueling last 46 days of his life. I hope you will share his story because I have no doubt there are many families living through this hell and are too afraid to speak the truth. I will spend the rest of my life shining the light on these abusers and hopefully help other families avoid this pain by forcing a change in policy. Each time my son called I asked how he was feeling, had he seen a doctor. He would say their giving me Tylenol for my headaches but I still haven’t seen a doctor. They keep saying next week... 3 times his lawyer overnighted medical authorizations for him to sign so I could speak to the medical staff. I called the jail almost everyday asking if he had received it and of course they refused to answer any questions. Do you know I called the nurse supervisor Arnesia Adaome and left probably 25 voicemails, she never once returned my calls. Some days I called and left messages crying saying where is my son, I know he’s sick , have the decency to tell me where he is. And the nerve of that women, her voicemail says have a blessed day, what a joke. When my son went into custody he had a stack of medical records and medications. Those idiots put the records on the bottom of the bag, then the medication and then his clothes. They never even took it out of his belongings to view it. That’s how they returned his things to us. There was a judges order he receive medical treatment on intake and they never did it. They let him suffer, with pneumonia and meningitis until his body was in septic shock and his lungs were in respiratory failure. They are monsters of the worst kind. The kind with power to abuse those in their care. Shame on them!! I want her nursing license share Devins story, make noise, make change, make a difference






Send Your Complaints By Mail or Phone to :

Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility

Physical Address 1627 S. Hargrave Street Banning, CA 92220

Phone: 951-922-7300

Harold Reed

Correctional Captain

To Make Donations to His Children Trust Fund Go to :

(8) Justice4devin | Facebook

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