Kevin Prater :My Life in Charlotte C.I.

I have filed many Grievances with the Florida Department of Corrections informing them on the issue at hand even the Inspector General .The Monday after Thanksgiving in 2018 I was transferred to Martin C.I. Ran by the F.DO.C -Fla Dept Of Corrections within days of me being there. Gladys Prater 08/30/1980 who so happens to be my P. O.J Law life sister who lives off her kids SSI checks and in Section 8 called the Prison. Mailing lies about me saying I have a cell phone, etc... So for a whole week the Correctional officers tore up my property, I had explained to them if they looked in my file they would see that Gladys was calling in Jan/Feb while I was at Desoto C.I. with the same lies the Capt. from the facility had come to the conclusion that she was harassing me . I explained to them if the n can see how many pre-paid calls I do daily they would see that I don’t have a cell phone. So why make my wife pay for the discretion of someone else who was clearly crazy. WELL THE AWP ASSISTANT WARDEN OF PROGRAMS , “HOLTZ’ calls me to his office Repeatedly trying to get me to engage in Sexual Activities with him in exchange for him to give me food, K2, Cigarettes , Etc. and I refused so he set me up .

DR’S and Requested to Classification to take all my gain time, in order to prevent, Me from going home 12/08/2019.

I will be filing a Civil Suit against ‘HOLTZ’ & F.D.O.C in July 2020 after my Release: Due to ‘HOLTZ’ Repeated Harassment towards me. I had a Mental Breakdown that caused me to try to commit suicide 3 different times. It caused me to be ordered to Centurion Mental Heal Doctor to be placed on SHOS then at CSU and the at TCU. From 12/10/2018 till 10/02/2019. The OIG still has not got back to me and it’s been 13 months. Holtzset me up using IG Ms. Summers by lying saying I made a Freak Call to TIPS’ But they have (DO NOT HAVE ANY CALL RECORDING OF IT). & Per says IG Mrs. Summer’s has a Recorded Call, but she has no proof of the Call.

Holtz Lied again and wrote another DR due to a e-mail I sent my wife telling her to call classifications and inform them of there ANN POLICY. Doing a number change on a ALREADY approved # on my phone list. Per Corrections own Policy and I get written up for a Policy that was made by the corrections my phone call had to be approved for them for me to make a pre-paid phone call and I loose gain time behind this Fake DR. Holtz was called by wife plenty of time in regards to this issue and was rudely disrespected by Holtz ..

While at Martin C.I. on Monday 12-16-2018 I repeatedly informed Nurses, I wanted to kill myself and by law, and I was supposed to be placed on a 24-hour watch. The HEAD NURSE refused I had to run my head into a brick wall 2 times and even after busting my forehead open, she refused to place me on watch. I was later placed on the psych ward by the mental health Doctor while on CSU/TCU I filed many grievances. The Classification Warden IG/OIG mental Health, ECT.I informed them I was going to harm myself and Dr.Boyce and Ms.Roc and Mr. Johnson all still agreed to discharged me out of mental health causing me to hang my self-hours later, to the point I had to get outside hospital in Pasco county on 10-01-19.’While here at Charlotte C.I. Robert Smith From Miami , Died of a heart attack on 01/01/2020 Medical staff took more then 10 minutes to respond to him even though Medical is 2 blocks away on the Compound. Robert Smith went on for days complaining about Chest pains only to be sent back to his room and die like that .. Charlotte C.I. Dorm E is know to not provide for it’s prisoners sometimes we go weeks without toilet paper... MUST PROVIDED TOILET PAPER WEEKLY FOR PRISONERS ..


Kevin Prater #M14073

Charlotte Correctional Institution (Male) 33123 Oil Well Road Punta Gorda, Florida 33955-9701

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