Know your worth!

Know your worth

Last time I wrote an essay on the “scars from the past” (Black Codes) That the political, social, and economical institution through America still subliminally manifest today. These (Black Codes) were enacted after the civil war, to maintain a white dominated hierarchy here in America. the million-dollar question: why were Africans stolen from our mother land and brought to America as Slaves? Can be simply answered, for the white man’s profit of course.

We African’s are physically strong by birth, the strength we possess are apparent in our muscular body structures. Unfortunately, we are perishing from lack of knowledge (Mentally).

Know your worth!

In Americas twisted history, when the British increased the taxes on the 13 colonies and sent officials with soldiers to collect these taxes. A battle broke out on the snowy winter night of march5,1770, involving British soldiers and perhaps the 1st of 5 men killed in this battle known as the “Boston massacre” was a 27-year-old runaway slave named” crispus attucks”, sparking the American Revolution.

But before the war for America’s independence ended at Yorktown 5,000 more African-Americans fought to help build the new American Nation.

Know your worth!

So, when Americans gather together and sing along the star-spangled banner who do you think really deserves the credit? Know your worth! When the united state came into being in the late 18th century the growing industries of the hew nations depended mainly on coal from Virginia. A French -noble man, after he visited the Virginia mines in 1796 noted “the owners knew virtually nothing about mining and depended on their 500 blacks’ slaves to make the venture work. A mine operator declared in 1859 “I have not a white man on my work I must have a negro force or give up my business.

Know your worth!

When the British attempted to establish a settlement in eastern Florida, they had to choose Africans for difficult cultivation. Also, when the French colonist in Louisiana found themselves on the verge of starvation the officials in charge sent out a request for Africans.

Know your worth!

Slave Labor Became vital to the development of southern colonies even Georgia, which began with a ban on slavery. Gave up the restriction after a generation “all unanimously agreed”, wrote one of its leaders in 1740 “that without negroes Georgia can never be a colony of any consequence.”

Know your worth!

Of the 12-million Africans slaves who entered Americans between 1450-1870 and estimate 3- quarters were employed, on sugar plantations. but now a days African- Americans, not all but many rather sit at home and collect government assistance, trapping themselves into America’s Lower-class society.

Know your worth!

Think about it, if our predecessors worked to build this country, shouldn’t we work to rebuild our own black communities? It’s not impossible, back in Africa, in almost every African Community, citizens worked together to clear fields, put up defensive walks and build houses. (it’s in our genes)

Harriet Tubman stated “I freed thousand of slaves. I could have freed thousand more, if they have known they were slaves.”

Know your worth! Why? You are somebody Black Man

Book Referral: eye witness: the negro in American History”

Anthony Williams #x83375

Mayo C.I

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