Last of a Dying Breed!

Updated: Sep 7, 2019


I realized daily that is not over for me, “For life is a constant elevation there for the process of elevation is seen in the observation of life”. So, I constantly strive for self-improvement because doing time is 99.99% mental, I value my freedom, so I have set values for myself to accomplish: 1: To educate myself 2: to contribute to society 3: To build a support network. I have a strong mind so I would never accept the life sentence the Judge gave me I will never laydown and stop fighting .My understanding from mastermind building I have to build up my mind so that I could accomplish my ideas, my believes become my thoughts , my thoughts become my words, words becomes my actions, my actions become my habits , my habits become my values, and my values become my destiny . when I was 25yrs old and sentenced to life in prison because I was the driver of a vehicle involved in a robbery, I knew then that life was unfair. I could have taken the easy way out and turned on my co-defendant like a lot of people do but I was raised differently, I chose the streets the streets didn’t choose me. Plus, I have 3 children Two lil Kings and One Queen and I refuse for them to grow up hearing that there father was a snitch. This situation has taught me a valuable lesson that the streets don’t love you back like you love it, so the time that you spend out there giving it your all in the streets never add up to the time you get while in here. Then I was lacking knowledge, wisdom and understanding I didn’t understand the principles of life, I thought like everyone else out there lost chasing a street dream and living like a urban book. I was deaf, dumb, and blind I was stuck in those triple dark stages of darkness I couldn’t understand the clear picture that was drawn up in my mind. I have knowledge of self now and I’ve mastered self I understand that I am only who I believe myself to be. Now I have a lawyer working on my case this will be my first appeal since my incarceration, she is a very good lawyer and I like the fact that she is taking her time with my appeal to make sure I come home and be free. Love is the highest form of understanding it is one’s true acceptance and devotion to righteousness. Peace is the absence of confusion and Ehuos in a state of pure consciousness Islam and happiness-is total satisfaction in acceptance in one’s self are true culture in its’ truth and mathematics frees one mind from a mental state of ignorance to a state of awareness in understanding so that they could be free indeed. Education is the key factor in building any nation Proper Education Always Corrects Errors these principles are the most valuable concepts you could teach a people. Keep me in Yall Prayer for my upcoming appeal .

Jakeem Washington T-69682

Florida State Prison

Current Release date : LIFE

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