Legalized Slavery !!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Legalized Slavery "

Under the 13th amendment of the United States constitution it reads: "Neither slavery nor servitude, except as a punishment for a crime wherefore the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

This means that, by the laws of this country, any man or woman who has been convicted of a crime can be enslaved within the walls of the prison system.

Slavery was abolished by those word written in the 13th amendment of the constitution in 1865 and at the same time by the same words slavery was legalized in 1868. When the department of corrections was established, just three years after it was supposed be abolished. Only this time slavery doesn't have a specific color it is now suitable for all of us who has been, or will be in the future "convicted of a crime"

This prison system was designed and built using the same exact format used to control and transport the slaves in the past. I read the book "12 Years a Slave" and couldn't help but laugh at how similar some of the things going on in the book were to what I am experiencing right now.

One thing that stood out to me from the book is the way the character in the book was captured, thrown into a cage and held captive until a ship arrived. Once the ship arrived he was then shackled and transported to a large secured and confined area where hundreds of other slaves from all over the country were being detained awaiting to be traded or sold. Once they were traded or sold, they were shackled up and shipped to plantations all over the country to begin serving their master's.

Since the establishment of the department of corrections in 1868 everything done to the character in the book was legalized in this country, just dressed up using different words to describe the acts.

Instead of being captured we are now arrested, instead of being thrown in cages we are now placed in jail awaiting a trial or a plea bargain and once we are convicted we are shackled up and transported by bus to what is called a reception center where we will be medically screened and processed. In this reception center they’re hundreds of other inmates from different countries and cities all over the state. And once at the reception center, we will be addressed as "inmate" from this point until the end of our sentences. Once the processing is completed they have buses transporting inmates Monday - Friday to various institutions across the state to serve their sentences.

They controlled the slaves in the past with fear! In those days the fear was of being beaten with a whip, being placed into small spaces to be confined for a number of days and in some cases, even murdered.

Today those same fears still exist, only now the whip is replaced with cans of toxic gases that sucks all the air out of your lungs and burns your eyes and skin which leaves you so short of breath that it feels like you are going to die.

To confine you they have opened these prisons called c.m. (close management) its camps where they put you in a cell for up to three years for 23 hours a day. The 3 years is supposed to be the maximum time an inmate can serve on lock-down but they can easily manipulate the system by writing false disciplinary reports to add more time to your stay. Writing false disciplinary reports is one of the normal practices of staff all institutions do to inflict fear and punishment. Using this practice, a 3-year minimum can be manipulated into a 5-10 year stay in some instances.

Finally, the beatings continue but now they handcuff your hands behind your back and punch, kick and stump you till you beg for mercy or in some cases to death. By instilling these fears, the inmate population is much easier to control.

So, once we are transported from the reception center, will be housed in what they call “your permanent camp” which is where you will begin to serve your sentence until your released. They say that for your labor and good behavior you will be rewarded 10 days a month of gain time. Gain time is supposed to mean that they will take 10 days off every month of your sentence so that you may be released early from your incarceration. In reality, all the gain-time that you earn for your labor and good behavior is attached to the end of this “so called” early release date. Then you will be serving that portion of the sentence under a very strict "no tolerance" probation, in which you will be pressured into a $50 a month cost of supervision in order to remain free for the remainder of that portion of the sentence. If you don't pay your monthly cost of supervision you will be subjected to a violation of your probation which in turn will result in you being arrested again and thrown back into prison to serve the same portion of the sentence that you were supposedly awarded 10 days a month for you labor and good behavior. So, in actuality we are really serving the 85% of our sentences on prison grounds and then being released to pay $50 a month for the remaining 15% of our sentence, which means that we are actually serving a 100% sentence where we are providing free labor for 85% of the sentence and paying for the other 15%.

The inmate population accounts for 90% of the labor on a compound. Here is a list of some of the jobs that are performed by some of the inmates at an institution to show how much free labor that's being provided to these jobs held by these inmates.

Note: Most of these jobs held by these inmates are held by inmates who are very well trained and qualified with degrees and /or certified courses, taken by these inmates provided by the department of corrections. I will list the institution title of the jobs followed by/and the real world tittle, followed by the number of inmates used to work those jobs in parenthesis () and these numbers are the least amount .

1. Tutor/Teacher (5)

2. Law clerks/Paralegals (5)

3. Plumbing crew (5)

4. Electrical crew (5)

5. Masonry crew varies according to job assignment (5)

6. Carpentry (5)

7. Cooks (4)

8. Bakers (4)

9. Dish washers (4)

10. Pot washers (4)

11. Butchers (2)

12. Dry storage workers (2)

13. Serving line workers (14)

14. Table wipers (4)

15. Canteen operators (5)

16. Intake orderlies (5)

17. Medical orderlies (4)

18. Recreational orderlies (4)

19. Colonel orderly (1)

20. Captain orderly (1)

21. Shoe shine orderly (1)

22. Laundry workers (20)

23. Inside ground workers/any hard-manual labor like digging, heavy lifting and cutting grass with non-gas mowers. (200)

Now, I don't have any access to the annual salaries of the job titles listed, so I was hoping that one of you could find this information out for the readers. Once the information is provided, do the math and be sure to multiply that number by 122, which is the number of intuitions in the state of Florida. Everything that I’ve listed above are just the labor provided at one institution.

Note: Penalty and punishment for refusing to work is 60 days in confinement and a loss of 90 days of gain time.

I wrote this story to enlighten you on the consequences that we face in this country for simply lacking the knowledge and understanding of the laws that we are bound by under the united states constitution. When I say “we” I don't just mean you and I, I mean our children and their children and so on. In order to make a change in this matter we all have to come together as one and join the fight to "Amendment 13" to have those all so powerful words that gives our government the legal power to enslave an entire country removed from our constitution that was supposed to be written to protect the people, not enslave them.

By Anthony Smith

Pre-Trial Detention Center

Regular jobs Jobs in state-owned businesses (non-industry) (“Correctional Industries”) low high

Florida 0.00 0.32 Cents 0.20 0.55 Cents. hourly wages for the state of Florida Inmates !

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