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LET JUSTICE BE DONE (BY MELVIN PEREZ). When you hear the word justice, what comes to mind. Do you think about a person that got sentenced for something he did, or payback for something that came back around from the past. We do agree that what is justice to someone might be injustice to someone else. Let's look at the case of Melvin Perez. He was born in New York. His parents are from Puerto Rico. At the age of 9 he moves to Puerto Rico. At 17 he moves to Florida where he is attending school in the day time and works at night. Melvin was just chasing the American Dream. But Melvin's life took a turn. That turn resulted in him being booked in the Osceola County Jail on a murder. Melvin was accused of the murder of 23 year old Eddie Guadalupe. According to the authorities, EDDIE was the head of a criminal organization. EDDIE was also a witness who had been on the Puerto Rico Witness Protection Program. Authorities also said that they did not believe the case was related to EDDIE'S past. The defense claimed that EDDIE pointed a firearm at Melvin and Melvin fired back and killed EDDIE in self defense. While in the Osceola County Jail detectives bring Melvin 12 cases of Armed Robbery. They tell him to admit to the ones that he did and the rest will be dropped or they will charge him with all the robbery cases from Kissimmee and Orlando. But Melvin told the detectives that he did not do any of them and if they got 30 or 40, to go ahead and charge him. Well, they did just that. Multiple cases were added to Melvin who ended up going to trial on several of them and won at trial. However, detectives were not happy about Melvin winning trial on these cases so they wanted to retaliate . And they did. In two cases detectives told witnesses to lie and identify Melvin as the person who did the robbery. Melvin won trial by presenting an alibi witness that he was somewhere else. So on the next one, detectives were better prepared to handle the case. So they got another person to lie and say that Melvin was the person that did the robbery. Still, in so doing, the alleged victim gave different versions when the police did the police report, during depositions and during trial. For instance, like Melvin being 5'4, 5'7, then taller. From 140 lbs., later 150 lbs. From brown eyes, brown hair to black eyes, black hair. From being Hispanic to being from Puerto Rico. From never seeing him before to having seen him before. From saying that a camera recorded the robbery to changing that the camera did not work. From saying that Melvin touched a telephone with no gloves on, to no matching prints on the telephone. Melvin also had five alibi witness that he was at a baby shower during the time of the crime. Yet his attorney only used one alibi witness. Despite all these contradictions, Melvin was found guilty to a lesser included offense of attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm. Instead of the original charges which would have resulted in a life sentence. Now, Melvin had to be sentenced but his points were only 121 total. Which would only be 121 months in prison. Melvin had already been sentenced to 25 years on the murder charge. During sentencing the state brought witnesses to talk bad about Melvin in order to give him the maximum sentence. One detective asked the judge to go over the maximum sentence. The judge did just that. The murder, which was not a prior, was used as a prior which added 29 more points. And the same murder which was already factored in the prior, was also used to give Melvin a departure sentence. Being used twice. In addition, the judge said that Melvin showed no remorse during his trial and used such factor to go over the points that Melvin scored out to. Melvin had only scored out to 64 prison months. Which is 5 years and 4, months. Melvin had been awaiting trial for 1,040 days. Which after the appropriate sentence, Melvin could have got time served or would only have to serve an additional 2 years and 6 months. But things did not turn out that way. The judge sentenced Melvin to 15 years for the attempted robbery charge and 5 years for the aggravated assault to run together. But Melvin would have to serve the 25 years first, then start the 15 years. With gain time Melvin would do 21 years and 9 months, on the 25 years sentence, then start the 15 years sentence. At the time of this writing, Melvin has served 21 years and 7 months. Melvin would have 2 more months (May,2019) before he would finish the 25 year sentence and could have got released. Yet, Melvin is still seeking justice from that case. MELVIN'S IMPROVEMENT. While incarcerated Melvin has sought to improve in every area he could. Melvin completed his high school diploma. He completed a vocational in Automotive Repair and Refinishing. Melvin also completed a Legal Assistant/Paralegal program from Blackstone Career Institute and the following programs from Ashworth University: Professional Paralegal Studies, Professional Paralegal Foundation Programs with Honors, Civil Litigation and Civil Litigation Specialty Program with Honors. Besides, Melvin completed the Certified Law Clerk course from Florida Department of Corrections as well as other programs in Bible courses, life skills, drug programs, wellness and personal fitness and others. In total, Melvin has completed over 75 courses while incarcerated, making Melvin prepared to re-enter society and becoming a productive, law-abiding citizen. A SECOND CHANCE. President George W. Bush has written that "....America is the land of the second chance...." Similarly, professional cyclist David Millier has stated:"...people do make mistakes and should be punished. But, they should be forgiven and given a second chance.... we are all human..." MELVIN'S INNOCENCE. But how about when someone is innocent of the charges, like in the case of Melvin. He did not commit this robbery case. In fact, while he was incarcerated at the Osceola County Jail an inmate asked Melvin what robberies he was charged with. When Melvin told him, the other inmate told Melvin that he had committed that robbery. The inmate did not look nothing like Melvin. Also, Melvin was offered a plea of time served before trial on this robbery. However, because he did not commit this crime, Melvin turned the plea down. In turn, the same day he had an additional 15 years. The only reason why Melvin turned down the time served plea was because he is innocent of this crime. In a letter Melvin wrote to the judge, he made this fact known.

LET JUSTICE BE DONE. Melvin is crying out that justice be done in this case. By the grace and mercy of God, Melvin has found people that are willing to help him and support his release efforts. But what about you? Do you feel that an innocent man should do more time in prison for a crime that he did not commit? or do you believe that Melvin should be released after serving the 2 months he has left to complete the 25 years sentence( May, 2019). As of this writing, Melvin has an application for executive clemency pending before the Florida Clemency Board which could result in a full commutation of all his sentencing to time served or in the 15 years being commuted, which was filed by R. Buck Taylor, J.D., from The Florida Clemency Project. Likewise, Melvin has a Motion for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc pending before the Fifth District Court of Appeal which could result in Melvin being resentenced. Melvin is hoping that others will join in his efforts to let justice be done. If you are interested in supporting Melvin in this matter you can contact him at: Melvin Perez Dc# X11781, MAYO CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION-ANNEX, 8784 W. U.S. 27, Mayo, Florida 32066. OR you can write a letter to the Clemency Board on Melvin's behalf or the Fifth DISTRICT COURT OF APPEAL. Let's work together so Justice can be done and Melvin can be freed. LET JUSTICE BE DONE. ( Florida Commission on Offender Review) 4070 Esplanade Way - Tallahassee, Fl.32399



PETITION TO GRANT MELVIN PEREZ CLEMENCY. This petition is made in an effort to gain support for Melvin Perez' Petition for Executive Clemency which is currently pending. We ask you to support Melvin Perez by signing this Petition and also forwarding to others to sign and share with other organizations or interested people. We thank you for your support. Please sign this petition. INTRODUCTION. Melvin Perez, is a 40 year old who is currently housed at the Franklin Correctional Institution in Florida. In August 1997, Mr. Perez was arrested and initially charged with one count of murder, later followed by an additional count of attempted armed robbery. In March and June 2000, he went before the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in and for Osceola County, where, respectively, he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was found guilty after trial of attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault. The court sentenced him to 25 years for the murder and 5 years for the aggravated assault and 15 years for the attempted armed robbery. THE ROBBERY CASE . Perez did not have any involvement in the attempt robbery case. In fact, he was somewhere else at the time and had 5 alibi witnesses that he did not have anything to do with it. Had it not been for that case, Perez would have been out of prison by now, that is why it is so important to support Melvin Perez by signing this petition. Since the ends of justice are never served by convicting an innocent person of a crime he did not commit. INSTITUTIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Perez has participated in educational and spiritual programs, helping him become a productive, law abiding citizen upon his release from prison. Perez participated in Substance Abuse and Anger Management classes. A HIV/ AIDS course from the Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, Inc. The Way HOME BRIDGE BUILDERS . Completed a Life skills and human values course. Completed his High School diploma. Received certificates for the Cross City Jaycees in Speak Up, Enhancing Family Life, certificate of membership, award of merit for CPG Class, success after prison. Mastery of Wellness certificate. Completed vocational in Automotive Repair and Refinishing. A seminar of AIDS. Perez also completed personal fitness, lifetime physical fitness and wellness, exercise and relaxation, understanding and overcoming addiction. In addition, Perez completed a Legal Assistant/ Paralegal program from Blackstone Career Institute. From Ashworth University Perez completed the following programs: Professional Paralegal Studies, Professional Paralegal Foundation with Honors, Civil Litigation and Professional Civil Litigation Specialty with Honors. In total Perez completed about 75 - 100 courses during his incarnation. GRANTING CLEMENCY. We are asking you to sign and share this petition. Why, because it is the right thing to do. Perez completed his sentence for the murder. Had it not been for the robbery conviction which Perez did not do, Perez would be a free man. The ends of justice require that the innocent be freed. That is why your support is needed. Thanks for you support. Lets Help Melvin be a free man.

Melvin Perez #X11781

Franklin C.I.

1760 Highway 67 North

Carrabelle, Florida 32322

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