Letter of your Unborn Child!!

LETTER OF YOUR UNBORN CHILD Mama nooooooooooooooooo!!! Please do not kill me. I know them Doctors told you that I aint got no feelings and if you get rid of me know it will be a smooth process because at this stage I aint even human. Mama that is a lie!!! I can feel, I promise you I can!!! I knew you were my Mama when I was deposited into your womb. Your love and blood are what is keeping me alive. My Daddy aint got no say so because I am in you now. I can feel Mama and I know that you are afraid. I know this is the biggest decision of your life and that you think that I might be a mistake. But Mama I am not. I am supposed to be your child. I feel every nuance of you, cannot nobody be closer to you then me, our bond is the closest. I will love and cherish you all the days of my life. I will be the one that goes to the end of the world for you. When you get old Mama, I will take care of you. I will make you laugh when I can. I will make you proud of me. I promise I will be somebody in this world!!! I will not fail you because I know what you are going through. I know you are not in the best position to have my Mama. You do not have no money; you hate my Daddy, or I just do not fit into the time frame of your life right now. Your still in school or you just got your career started and without me you can see real success ahead, or maybe you just do not know who my Father is and because of that you feel ashamed and embarrassed. It does not matter Mama; I will not judge you. Only YAHWEH can judge you and he will say you have courage because you gave life a chance When nothing, but darkness was surrounding you. YAHWEH is giving me to you as a precious gift. He has chosen you to have me. Yep, he sure did. Please do not be undecided about having me because I will be good to you Mama. I swear I will!!! Mama I know they say it do not hurt, but it does. They have all these so-called experts to come and explain my pain and hurt away as if they are the ones experiencing my torture and agony. Please listen to me Mama, that vacuum they use to get me out of you after they ad-minister that needle filled with poison to kill me hurts. The pain is so excruciating it makes me cry so much and it do not go away. It tears my little body apart piece by piece. It feels like a razor blade Is cutting through me. Mama please do not take me through that. I know you're in you’re feeling about my daddy, but forget about him, it's me and you are now. He don't want no kids well, That's his business, if you were good enough to lay with your good enough to have your baby regardless of what his plans are..... I know he's a dead beat and you said you wouldn't have another baby from him. Well, that do not matter because now we got each other. I know you young Mama, but so was Lebron Mama. She was in her mid to early teens when she gave life a chance and look at what he became. Amazing aint it Mama? I can be a champion too Mama, but first I need you to champion me!!! Mama I deserve it. I deserve a chance outside of your womb because I am already alive. I was alive that same night or day conception happened. I know people might look down on you and say discomforting things, never mind them, I need you. All I need is you. You might not know this, but I have fought so hard to get to your utopia and be safe. Yes ma'am, I did. See, when I was deposited into your world-womb it was not just me alone. It was million if not billions of us. Mama your vaginal track is naturally filled with so much acid, it is a protective agent against bacteria and helps to naturally cleanse you. When I was deposited into you my journey began. I had to swim upstream out of the bally of death in your vaginal track and I only had twenty-four hours to do it. Against me were all the Hundred millions of others that wanted you to be their Mom. I do not blame them because you are the real one, the realest. The struggle in your womb was one of the hardest trials I had to go through. I went through it because I want to live... I fought like hell to get to your uterus and be safe. See Mama, the way you are build is upright. The natural composition of your womb is vertical, that means I had to take the strongest leap of faith I would ever take in my life because I know you are the one. out of Billions you are the one. Yes Ma'am, the realest I will ever know. Like Michel Phelps I am an Olympian, a champion; better yet a gold medalist one thousand times over. Mama this is spiritual and biblical. I am like Noah I have built an ark in the valley of indecision because I knew there would be a flood and I want to live. Mama please do not kill me. I' m weather any storm we got to go through because I love you. Yes, Mama I love you! I love you soooooooo much that I am going to kiss you a hundred times over when I get big. Yep, I am a Mama child, and I do not care what nobody has to say about it either. Mama I am a part of you now, matter of fact I am a greater part of you then I am of my father. My father only gave me twenty-three chromosomes and so did you. But you gave me a little more. The more that you gave me that has nothing to do with him is your mitochondrial D.N.A. Mama that is a special part of you that only you can pass down to me. Don't you see how special our connection is? I know I gave you morning sickness, but I had to let you know that I am here and that I am a part of you now and I always will be a part of you no matter what. Mama there is a lot of women who have done what you are thinking, and they regret it, and they hate themselves for doing that. If only they could turn back the hands of time and right that wrong. a large percentage of women after the procedure cannot ever have kids again and that causes them to cry when they hear the voice and laughter of kids. I do not want you to go through that because your conscious will never let it go. All the ifs and possibilities will always play themselves out in your mind.Mama I would never throw you away ever!!! Matter of fact I am going to protect you when I get big. Mama I need somebody to love me. I need you to love me and accept me because if you do not there is no way I will be able to make it. I know YAHWEH got my back no matter what, but he entrusted me to you. You are my guardian angel, my natural protector and nourisher. I am cut from the same cloth as you. The blood that is running in your veins is the same blood that is running in mines from countless generations. Please do not kill me Mama. Nothing that is going on with you is my fault. I am innocent. As ironic as that might sound, it is the truth. You said that my father rapped you and you could never forgive him for the trauma he caused you and I am a direct result of that trauma and you might not be able to bear looking at me once I am born. I am sooooooooooo sorrrrrrry for what he did, and he should have never done that to you. He should have never violated you in that way. It was wrong and I could never condone such a thing. However, Mama what is done is done, we cannot turn back the hands of time. Two wrongs do not never make anything right. What we can do is continue to live and one day forgive. Mamas forgive yourself it was not your fault, BUT IF YOU KILL ME, IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT THAT I'M DEAD. Please forgive me for the sins of my father. I was not the one that committed the sin or violation. Have mercy on me Mama I am not my father and most of all I will never be him... Mama I am going to take a little time out to share with you some of the most amazing stories of men and women you know or have heard about in the bible. You remember Moses, don't you? We will let us look at what happened to him and his Mama. She was never supposed to have and keep him according to that wicked man pharaoh decree. Pharaoh decree of death was not adhered to by this faithful Hebrew Israelite woman because she knew that something higher than the calling of pharaoh was at work. She took little Moses after she had him and put him in a basket and sailed him down the river to save his life. Even if she could not keep him, she still had him and gave him a chance at life and look at what he became. His story is spoken of all around the world, and he is one of the most famous figures of hope for any downtrodden people on the planet. Every people all over the whole world talk about Moses the delivery of Israel. You know why Mama? It is because his mother would not abort him even when it was against the law not to do so in her day. People all around the world praise Moses for his heroic acts and so many little boys want to be like him, but I recognize his mother courage more than anything. If not for her courage and hope, there would be no Moses. Do not be a pessimist everything is going to be alright. Look at Mary the mother of Yehoshua Jesus. Mama a little-known fact about Mary is that she was a young girl when she had baby Jesus in the manger. Mama she had him in a manger. Do you know what a manger is Mama? It is a place where they store food to feed animals. Yep, that is what type of place it is. When the baby was growing inside of her, she was thinking about getting rid of it too. She did not know what to do until that angel told her what her it was inside holy. Well Mama, I am the angel telling you right now that what is inside you is special. I am so special that the highest has sent me to tell you that in this message. She did not know a savior was growing inside her womb. She did not know the child would come out to be what he became, but she had faith her baby was going to be somebody in this world regardless of Joseph. There is a lot in that story that people do not see. One of the most important things that I want to point out to you is the baby had YAHWEH as its father first. See Mama, the man cannot cause conception. Conception is only caused by Yahweh. But I need you though, all who ever came into physical existence need you. No life, human life that came into physical existence did it without a woman. You are so special, and the scriptures prove it. Don't you see how important and wonderfully made you are? This proves that even without the man the child can live., but if the man is willing do not deny him. Mary was a strong-willed woman she believed in what the angel told her and did what she had to do for her child. She raised him up right like I know you will do with me. Yep, you are going to be a good mother, I can feel it. The possibilities of life are endless. I know you might not be able to see that right now, but I know you can feel it. Yes, that I do know. Yes, ma'am I am in there, feel your stomach. I am part of you and always will be! Please listen to that inner voice Mommy. I know you said you did not want any more kids and that you were going to get your tubes tied, but I am meant to be because before that happened, I happen. I will love it when I meet my older Brothers or sisters as the new addition to our family. You did not deny them Mama so how you going to deny me? If it is really that bad and you really feel that you cannot take care of me, you can give me away. Do not cry Mama. Well, you can cry because I am crying too. This is very emotional for me too. If you truly feel that you cannot take care of me, you can give me away after you have me. It does not make you a bad person Mommy it makes you a good and considerate mother who wants better for her child. There are a lot of women out there who want a child so bad but cannot have none. You are going to be a blessing to them so do not worry about me there is going to be a family for me even if you cannot provide it. Make no mistake about it I would like you to try your best with me, but if you feel like you cannot do it then I forgive you forgiving me away. I might not understand it as a child, but when I get older, I will know and understand that you loved me enough to give me what you could not and that is a home and family. will also know that you are a selfless person because you sacrifice your body to have me. You went through the process and pain of childbirth for me. Wow! just that act alone is miraculous. To carry me for nine months and endure my nauseous stages that I know made your taste buds go crazy at times. I know some of the cravings I made you have should be recorded as some of the wildest food mixes known to man. See Mama, what happens is that you be craving one thing and I be craving another. Most times you win, but sometimes it falls in the middle and when it does, that is when your taste buds ask for food that require a creative imagination. I know you are thinking about me more than anything else. I think about you just the same even more because your all I know. I can feel all your fears, but you are stronger than your fears. You want to tell your parents, but you do not know how to because you are supposed to be the good girl and it would bring shame to them, it does not make you bad, we all make mistakes and have our own lives nobody is perfect they will understand. It does not matter who do not understand, all I need is you and your love! Only you can allow me to live... I might not be as great as all those people I wrote about, but I will be yours non the less to love and cherish if I live. Mama please do not kill me!!! Don't kill what already is and what can be... With the love you are going to give me, I can be anything I want to be because you have given me a chance to be, and I will never forget that. I will never forget through all the odds that you are facing that are against you having me you went against them all to have me. You have championed me at a time that nobody else can you are the first one to have faith in me. That alone makes me a superstar. Team Mom, I cannot wait to get in the game and show you that you made the right choice. I will never take you for granted. Mama please do not kill me! I love you and always will. Thank you for giving me a chance. Sincerely: Your loving child. Written by: Watsonique Joseph.

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