Lifer's Lives Matter! by Derrick Allen

Updated: May 19, 2021

Lifer’s Lives Matter

Okay, this is hard, to tell my story being honest and mentally revisit my ultimate mistake that ruined my life. A life sentence, Robbery was a fantasy of mine, not robbing people but pulling off a heist. I was not good at it, but I had the guts and had no scruples about doing it. Luckily, I never really own a gun or guns or had access to them. Had I, at that time, possessed firearms, being a robbery would be the least of what I would have become.

It does not make sense, right? This crime I have been convicted of , Robbery, carjacking and 5 counts of kidnapping with a firearm , I never had a gun .Not only I did not posses a weapon at the time of the crime , had no intention to rob anyone.

First let me finish telling you about myself Yeah, I dreamed of doing a heist robbing a banks, etc.. I have stolen from stores and robbed people with my bare hands and someone else held the gun. Before I turned 18, I made a promise to my self never to rob or steal from an individual, people and I upheld that. That was a principle I resolved with my self for my own personal reason or conscience. I still believe in robbery and I have had or have my reasons for it.

When I met my co-defendant he was really into robbing people and got upset at me because I wouldn’t participate or go with him .In his accent he used to call me Galman because I rather hand with females .Nothing is better than the relation and vibing with the opposite sex but I’m diverting from the story . my codefendant woke me up to borrow my car , I gave him the keys & went back to sleep ,an hour or so later he woke me up explaining he has a lick meaning a “job” & need me just to drop him off and drive my car back & just wait for him & his partner to do the job before driving off. I agreed long as I am not involved, I do not like robbing people. He knew that so here I was in the back seat of my car following these tourist ..

The one thing I do not like about robbers, they tend to take the easy way, easy route, robbing their own kind, people they know, like them – cowardice. Anyway, we followed these people until they stopped at a store. we parked, I was asked to follow my co-defendant and has partner and wait until I see them do what they do before I go back to the car and drive off. As we walked toward the tourist my co-defendant’s partner became hesitant saying he think the guy seen him and he knows him. I proceeded towards the front of the store with the intention to go in and stall & leave giving them time to do what they need to do & hope I would not have to rescue them or be left since the car keys was left in the ignition of my car had they decided to abort or if something would have went wrong ..

As I pass the tourist vehicle , I seen my co-defendant behind me went directly to the side door open it pulled out his gun and mad the man inside scoot over .His partner turned back & headed back to my car .I kept on walking until my Co-defendant yelled out my name telling me to get in the driver seat. Like an idiot I turned around looked at him like really! He yelled hurry get into the driver seat. I was like DAMN! I hurried climbed in the driver seat. He yelled drive , I put the vehicle in drive and peeled off with the other tourist running towards us .I stopped the vehicle & asked my co-defendant don’t hurt anyone don’t hurt the kids, let’s let them go after our pleads we let them go and drove off.

Talk about being put on the spot to do what you don’t want to do .I didn’t take any of the spoils & it was the last draw. I was planning how could I kill my co-defendant to get away with this crime. Not only because of that incident but because he has done some creep stuff to me .If you want to learn about how I got caught, what happen at court, why or what were the reason I wanted to kill my co-defendant you would have to personally holla at me .

Never I thought This system would give me a natural life sentence when I did kill or hurt anyone. I cannot believe society allows it & prisoners not doing anything to change these sentences to not die in Prison for a robbery. This genocide racist system I have no children will never be a father or a husband. I have been down 23 years longer than the time I lived free in the streets. I will be 43 years old on august 13th .

The Time for sentence reform is ripe for sentence reform & create a movement for lifer’s lives matter I need help to get public attention & gather the right people Please Keep me in Prayer ..

Derrick Allen #M26909

Blackwater River Correctional Facility (Male)

(Contract facility)

5914 Jeff Ates Road

Milton, Florida 32583-0000

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