My Experience @ Hamilton Jail!

Updated: May 6, 2019

I got arrested over a year ago for contraband in a prison and it was the wrong thing to do. Boom after being in jail for 3 days I get home and there I get a letter 3 days letter from the Health Department stating they have taken my Nursing license, because they received and alert that I was arrested of a crime. and I thought my crime and had nothing to do with me taking care of people ..

So my jail experience was okay I guess In the sense that I had no problems with the group I was placed with , I did have my blood pressure so high that even the correctional officer said I hope you get this taken care of when you get home your BP is 150-110 and your pulse rate 156 her name was Vanessa she retired now she said she would in 8 months from my arrest . she said she would check it again before she leaves, told me to keep my feet elevated I guess that helps lower your blood pressure. Night shift came around and a girl woke me up and said you dont look good, so she called the guard and told her man you should call the ambulance because she doesn’t look good. so, the night officer states probably is all that stuff she swallow, so now I said man if I did swallow something don't you think it would be in your best interest that you call the ambulance. what you think your colleagues would say if I die on your shift. she said if I call the ambulance, you’re going to pay for it, I said okay mam I will. So she went looking for a police officer who didn't know how to use a cuff I explained to her that the cuff was backwards and she said shut up you don't know nothing .. so I did and she took the blood pressure and guessed the amount 140/90 .the next morning I was taken to the dispensary and sure enough my blood pressure was 150/100 the morning nurse said please get this taken care of , when I got booked the correctional officer takes care of you the nurse comes at certain times I think because of their budget . Around 2 p.m. I got tired of being dizzy and my head hurting I called home 27 hours after I was arrested and I told my sister if I die this people have documented and verified that my blood pressure is high and have not dont anything about it .I also called my kids aunt that works for Miami Dade corrections and let her know that because they didn't want to do anything about it. 45 minutes later the nurse comes in with Vanessa the correctional officer and says you sound so funny on that phone, we brought you a klonopine 0.2 because your blood pressure is high, we spoke to the doctor he said we can give it to you. after that Monday morning I spoke to the Chief and I told him that his officer should know how to take vitals because is very important, He states all his officers need to know is how to do CPR, smh. so if you gallbladder explodes, you have a heart attack, any wrong with you after 5 pm in that jail there is nothing they can do for you till the morning when the nurse shows up .. I did write to Mrs. Julie Jones, but I guess those are not given to her, she must NOT receive them. I DID HEAR MRS.JULIE DOES TAKE CARE OF THE INMATES IF SHE KNOWS ABOUT IT, IS WHY I TOOK TIME TO WRITE HER )I believe if the budget doesn't allow for the jail or prison to have a night nurse then they should teach personnel to take vitals the vitals dont lie .. but around that time an inmate had died down the street in the prison from a seizer . I get my license taken for 6 yrs for a crime that had nothing to do with my profession as a C.N.A ..The affects of the 13 Amendment linger.



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