Mental Disorder & Prison! By : Dytrell Jones

This is about the Intentional Excessive use of force on a Mentally ill Prison, Dytrell Jones is a Psych-3 Prisoner Suffering from Schizoaffective disorder , ADHD , Major Depression Disorder (Recurrent), PTSD, & Bipolar Type & is on Prescribed Psychotropic Medication & Seizure Medicine. February 19, 2019 while in confinement my door opened to my cell with no police officer at the door, the first thing that came to my mind was that I was being released . So I walked out the cell & the Dorm Sergeant saw me and ran away to get the Captain, both of these individuals screamed to Gas me , I was sprayed in the face, the Captain wrapped his arm around my neck and slammed me on the ground and I passed out .I was handcuffed and dragged to the shower for decontamination, Medical attention was NOT called for me .I woke up and still no medical attention was sent my way I spent days in my cell without assistance . I did write the Governor & Secretary of state with No response, IN regards to MY situation. This are some of the things Prisoners go through that their Family and Friends know nothing about .

If anyone like to Contact me my information is below .

Dytrell Jones #M75660

Santa Rosa C.I.

5058 east Milton Rd

Milton , fl 32583

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