I broke into 2 different U.M. College housing buildings, and only took 1 bike cycle. I was given a $70,000 bond and was ordered to serve 74.4 months in F.D.O.C. but per State vs Botell , case #F15-9552 .this man killed a 16 year old little girl dumped her body in a dumpster and set it on fire and then M.D.P.P finds out he was selling her pills and he has many naked pictures of her om his cell phone etc./ and Guess what happens A.S.A Miss Sonali gives him a plead deal , ONLY 13 YEARS IN PRISON . and to make matters worse. Judge MRS. Teresa Pooler accepts the plead deal. “WHAT KIND OF JUSTICE IS THIS??? This aint Justice …This P.O.S sells drugs to a kid has naked pictures of this kid on his phone and mostlikely was sleeping with the kid and kills her, sets her on fire and only gets 13 years in prison. THE A.S.A & JUDGE SHOULD BOTHE BE DISBARRED. The Justice System gives 13 years in prison for killing a kid, but give people who steal 15,20,30 years in prison. Had this child came from a well-known family or an offspring of a police officer, judge or state rep the situation would have been different. Charles Cobb got Life, been in prison since 1969 since he was 17 years old for armed robbery, he killed no one. but Armando Botell gets 13 years for killing a kid. Goggle Him : Roosevel Brookingten was a get away driver in a arm robbery and hurt no one and received 10-20 years but Armando Botell get 13 years in prison .Armadno Botell killed his wife / girlfriend in the 80”s and only got 10 years for that murdered and was let out again to killed and hopefully he will die in Prison but if not he will be out again and mostlikely to kill. Charlotte Correctional Institution (Male) 33123 Oil Well Road Punta Gorda, Florida 33955-9701

For killing a teen girl, Miami man gets just 13 years in prison. It’s his second murder

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