Michael Godbolt, My Truth !

My name is Michael Godbolt, and I have been incarcerated since 12-14-01. They gave me 2 life sentences for Armed Robbery of a Wendy’s Restaurant. While maintaining and insisting that I am innocent, I want to point out that no one ever testified to being Harmed, injured, or threatened with any kind of bodily harm by me in the process of the crime.

I had2 Co-defendants who were given plea deals to testify against me. One received 5 years and the other took 10 years. Both had confessed to committing the crime as well as several other robberies. So why was I condemned to die in prison? I was offered a 20 year plea for multiple counts of armed robbery and 2 armed burglaries, but because I exercised my right to go to trial where it was proved that I was innocent of several charges I was given life for each charge that I was found guilty of .

Our justice system is a game of Money, Status, and Reputation dealing with a point system. But my intention is not to write you ranting and raving about the injustice of it all. I want people to understand that Life without Parole is equal to sentence of death.

Should a man be sentenced to death for armed robbery? Shouldn’t society have a say on sentencing structure? I have been tagged as someone who will never be fit for society by the same people who expects me to conform to institutional rules and regulations. This goes against logic, If a person is really a threat or menace to society who won’t ever change, then how can this person be expected to respect or obey any form of authority?

I have sought out to make myself a better man and I also have become a Mental, Emotional , and Spiritual mentor to others around me .People are often surprised to find out that I have a life sentence or that I was once a very negative person. People get out of Prison and Mess up all the time, but what if a person has really made such a significant change that they just do not belong in prison? The system should ne held accountable for the people they sentence to life. The Judges and prosecutors should be held responsible for monitoring the progression or regression of Mental Growth and behavior of each person they sentence to life. Who are they to say that I am forever unfit to be in society? It is not my choice to die in Prison. Thank you for your time and patience. I truly appreciate the Love and support you offer to the struggle .it is an honor to be able to connect with you.

Michael Godbolt #196767

Taylor C.I. Annex

8629 Hampton Springs Road

Perry, Fl 32348

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