George Broxson on Misguided Policies Part #3.

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

( #3) that prison was so old and run down that had the hurricane been any slower (mph./forward) I know there would have been dead inmates scattered throughout the Wewahitchka Florida area. However here's another issue that you as a tax payer are not being told, during the 90's mass incarceration period these prisons (or institutions as they are politically correctly called) were only designed to have a life span of twenty-years, these buildings were built of wood and concrete, and everyone in Florida is aware of how tropical the climate is, as well as how much and how fast the decaying process occurs. Therefore many buildings as well as structures inside of dozens of prisons are now rotten, ridden with black mold and the really unique part is that the exterior security fence pipe that was sunk into the ground and had concrete poured around them, of course the pipes were metal so guess where the poles rust through? you guessed it, at the ground level! These are the fences that keep the most dangerous inmates away from normal citizens. Therefore, as you now see Florida is riddled with a huge amount of old rotten/molded buildings and fences are rusting through. However, don't be dismayed, the truth gets a lot worse. let’s now look at the employee aspect of this equation the prison system wasn't in enough trouble already, there was an article in the northwest Florida newspaper (March 18,2018) written by E. Kennedy, it told readers how there was a spike in prison deaths that was reaching a crisis point and because the average correctional employee only makes 33,500 a year as there base salary, this is really sad and as bad as it sounds it is horrible for anyone to have to come into a prison to make a living for their family. Not only is this environment dangerous from a physical aspect but the diseases are more abundant than attitudes. The main contributor to the staff shortage is the poor pay and this causes a massive understaff as well as causing the already overworked guards to be forced into overtime, and as we all know overtime leads to fatigue and on to non-responsiveness. So now Let's factor in a huge amount of Gang activity, which Sheppard's in drugs being introduced and controlled by the gangs, to the actual degree of gang style murders inside the prisons. In just three major prisons located in the Northwest Florida (panhandle) area there was twenty-three (23) inmate deaths in 2017 alone. While this investigation was ongoing by this Florida newspaper in comes the local and current state senator Mr. Douglas V. Broxson (R-FL) .He actually visited a few of these prisons and this is what he had to say "when you got a hot economy like we have where the unemployment is so low and you have competitive options, it is natural people go to things that are safer where they can generate income with low risk" Senator Broxson also cited recently passed legislation dealing with mental health and opioid prescription limits as another step in the right direction, Senator Broxson continued on saying "To address the root of the problem before it's exacerbated in the prison system goals and changes will take some time and perception is a tough thing to change" A mother whose son was murdered in prison asked what can be done when they fear for their incarcerated children and a sister of an inmate who was murdered in prison asked what could have been done before getting that final call from the prison, Senator Broxson’ s only answer was "I really don't know what to say, prison is a terrible place to be and I guess my advice would be to pray for them that God protects them”. When I read this statement I was shocked, then upset enough to want to swear-out-loud, here we have an elected member of society and when asked a very important question, his only consolation to grieving family members is to pray for them! what a big pile of male bovine feces that was!!! What you as readers don't know is this, my name is George T. Broxson, I have been incarcerated for almost three decades (30 years). I am from the same family tree as Senator Broxson, therefore, to set the record straight, the Broxson family has a long line of Ex-convicts, politicians as well as law enforcement. What has always astounded me is when the family reunion takes place and we were all together, no one could tell us apart!!! One of the issues with our society and politicians today is that when everyone knows there is a problem, those who have the authority to make a positive change fain ignorance, when in all actuality it's just applying common sense to solve the problem. It’s those that are not wanting to make a difference for the taxpayers!! Here's a prime example of what I speak of making a difference. A large retail store had a problem with customers stealing their products, so this store hired ex-convicts to curtail this action, in less than six months the thefts were down by two-thirds. Someone had the intelligence to think " outside-the-box. “Therefore, let's forget for a moment that all inmates are stupid, knuckle-draggers, there's still a few incarcerated that are educated, (if only in the criminal mind aspect) so why wouldn't anyone seek a solution from the inside is really astounding to me. Be that as it may, the point is if someone took a good long look at the prison system today, they would see an alarming trend with the following #1) An elderly inmate (people)population. #2) The prisons built during the 90's twelve point five-billion-dollar budget are now falling, infested with black mold/rotting and being held together with paint and a prayer. #3) Guards are underpaid, overworked and being arrested every day for subsidizing their income. #4) Gangs are running rampant inside Florida prisons, corrupting underpaid guards, manipulating an illicit drug trade and murdering other inmates. #5) Re-entry and drug offender programs are being closed down inside and outside due to the rising cost of healthcare (See #4

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