Misguided Policies Part # 5

So, in just the panhandle area there's a major prison in EVERY county, and with many falling down, how does anyone combat this problem, without endangering society? We need not look further than "history" there's many states in the United States that have already had to address this issue, so why not follow their example? ........................CONSOLIDATE THE INFRASTRUCTURE......................... As any business owner knows, when you consolidate, your expenses goes down. We already know there's a major prison in each county from tallahasse to Pensacola and many of them are in dire straits. I would divide the difference throughout that area and because the panhandle area is still very rural, do what the state does best, find some rural unused farmland area in Washington county and "lease" five thousand acres of this land(this process has already been done as far back as the 1950's) for 99 years @ one dollar a year, once this area has been located and leased, build one, HELLO? "ONE" major institution one the property that will hold at a minimum of 9,000 inmates. Build it to last for at least 99 years. Once completed take all the inmates in these fourteen counties and put them there. Once this is done, now there's fourteen major institutions (empty) to deal with, take the inmates who are cleared to work outside the prison and have them recycle these prisons, it would put at least 200 million dollars back into the states coffer. Take the land that has now been razed and "repeat history”, Florida’s prison system was once self-sufficient and in order to be that way again, take the razed land and plant large gardens, build chicken houses, raise cattle as well as other livestock on it. Teach the inmates how to care for the livestock and gardens them use the proceeds to sustain the major prison! If you think that the 200 million dollars in recycle is a good start, then consider this as a real cost savings from consolidation of prisons! ..........................CUT THE UNNECESSARY OVERHEAD COSTS.................... In Florida each prison (actually called correctional institutions) the administration it takes to operate an institution (just to be blunt) is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Here’s the listing of just one major institutions administration as well as their liberally low pay scale. Multiply this times fourteen "institutions" and you will see real savings! WARDEN...(years pay).....100,000.00.....x,s...14 prisons =1,400,000.00 $ ASST.WARDEN OF SECURITY..50.000.00..x's....14 prisons =700.000.00 $ ASST.WARDEN OF PROGRAMS..50.000.00..x,s..14 prisons = 700.000.00 $ COLONAL(Chief of security)......48.000.00...x's...14 prisons= 672.000.00 $ MAJOR (Colonal's asst.)........45.000.00......x's....14 prisons=630.000.00 $ CAPTAINS..........(x's 4)............40.000.00......x's...14 prisons=2,240.000.00$ LIEUTENANTS...(x's2)............38,000.00.......x's...14 prisons=532,000.00$ TOTAL SAVINGS.........................6,874,000.00 The above listed correctional staff are at just one major institution, this is not counting the hundreds of correctional officer 1's and correctional officer Sargent's pay salaries, this by itself is a huge amount of unnecessary overhead costs, let’s not forget the electric, water and food bills for each prison/ institution, This is your tax dollars we are talking about, one thing I have seen, if you don't mind paying them the bureaucrats in Tallahassee don't mind spending them, especially when they're not being held accountable . To recap the solution to problem #2 ...(A) Build one major prison in the panhandle. (B)Teardown/raze the fourteen existing prisons and recycle all the products. (C)consolidate the infrastructure. (D)Cut all unnecessary overhead costs ........So far you have now saw a logical viewpoint where society will still be protected AND hundreds of millions of dollars can be returned to the state coffers to be used on more important matters such as lowering homeowners taxes, hiring more teachers, or pay raises' for them and first responders, the list is endless, therefore what it all comes down to is the basic fact that the prison money pit needs to be stopped. Issue #3.. Correctional officers/Guards are being arrested every day for subsidizing their income. First and foremost all certified Correctional officers are listed as law enforcement officers( without the arrest powers ).Therefore all correctional staff that are arrested or terminated for "subsidizing" there income should be arrested, prosecuted and put in prison if found guilty of their crime, because these same officers/Guards are held in a position of trust, the same as a law enforcement officer that protects your family from criminal activity. However to balance the scales of integrity, I have had the pleasure of knowing a very large amount of the correctional staff who are some of the best people anyone would want to meet, I would welcome them at my supper table anytime.!!!. One problem that is plaguing the Florida correctional staff is (even though they are all held to the same standard as law enforcement) when it comes to their paycheck law enforcement officers are paid two-thirds more than correctional employees. Let me be the first to say that this policy is WRONG! Although until state leaders stop filling their pockets and consolidate not just one prison in the panhandle but one in the central Florida area and one in south Florida, ONLY THEN will the prison mire problem be resolved, and correctional staff can receive the much needed pay they can supervise the inmates that ate raising livestock, vegetables and other items that would lower the cost on you "the taxpayer" while teaching the prisoner a new way of life that may very well lead to a life of productivity, outside of prison bars! (see page #6)

George Broxson #219555

Mayo C.I

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