Misguided Policies Part #7! George Broxson

(page #7) lawmakers passed only a hand full of new updated bills and at the end of the 45 days even the media was complaining about how they were not doing their duty, one major topic was the ex-felons right to vote, you as a citizen voted for amendment four, OK you as a taxpayer spoke through your civil right as a voter "LET THE CONVICTED FELONS VOTE “after they have completed their sentence! So why does the Florida legislature have to even discuss this issue again? ARE THEY AFRAID? For example, when someone has been to prison, they have been exposed to a new type of environment, and by doing so a huge amount of inmate’s eyes are opened, and therefore the vast majority come out of prison with a completely new outlook. And a lot of times full of hate! Second There's over six hundred thousand convicted felons in the state of Florida, and now that they have the right to vote, many will, so just how many will it take to remove the current elected officials?, maybe they (the elected officials)should be afraid after all how many of the six hundred thousand plus convicted felons does it take to put a new delegate in/out of office? These are elected officials who are being paid by your tax dollars, and yet they spend the first fourth-five days arguing or talking about issues YOU the voters have already decided, Again it sounds like Trump but I really believe that Florida voters need to "DRAIN THE SWAMP".I say we clean out all the carrier politicians and start again with new members who really have the best interest of the people at heart, and who aren't afraid of using just good ole-common sense! I have often thought of our founding father Thomas Jefferson, he was a farmer and according to history books he would put down his plow and ride up to the house of congress on his horse, straight out of the fields! this is the kind of people we need for our votes! and here's another thought for you, ask any politician to serve the voters for FREE after all aren't the calling themselves Servant leaders? then let them pay their own way to Tallahassee, sit in and vote for the people, then go home to their job. How many of these politicians would be back knowing there was no paycheck for their services? instead of making backdoor deals to enrich their own wallets or logrolling with your votes! I spoke previously about the prison system and the budget that has gotten out of control. Here’s another issue that is plagued the prison system. All inmates that are getting out of prison must complete a course entitled "reentry" this course is designed to help the inmate transition back into society with a certain degree of personal successors-entry programs are being cut inside and outside due to budget cuts, Drug treatment centers, and half-way houses are being closed down, all due to budget shortfalls, to better understand where I am going with this, remember the issue I spoke of at the beginning of this article, it was dated (may 31,2018) unfortunately now that all these cuts have taken place, many non-violent drug offenders are once again being sent to prison, where they will join ranks with gangs, hardened criminals from all walks of life, where drugs are easily provided, and let's not forget where the inmate population is now over 100 thousand strong and growing by the day! What does it take to stop this madness’? It is time to break this cycle of stupidity, even I of all people realize that budget cuts must be made. The major problem is that the same-oleosome-ole takes place when the prison gets overcrowded, and the taxpayers scream for relief, the first thing that is done is to release the nonviolent drug offenders( who should have never been here in the first place) so these drug offenders are released, what you’re NOT being told is that the vast majority of these offenders have been in and out of prison over and over to the point of it being there seventh and eighth time incarcerated, only to be released once again! In case I didn't tell you why the last secretary of the prison had to cut the budget or actually reroute money was a hidden fact from you as a taxpayer, however not anymore, it seems that many years ago an old inmate came into the Florida prison system from upstate (Boston) this inmate had hepatitis C he complained about it for years, so finally this inmate files a class action lawsuits against the prison medical dept. Where after being tested he is actually positive for hepatitis, now what you don't know is that for one inmate to be treated for hep.c the cost starts at 25.000$ and can go up to as much as 75.000$,part of the settlement this old inmate agreed to was that all inmates be tested for hep.c, and those that test positive, be treated. The only scary part is that after years of refusing to acknowledge that hepatitis was in the prison system, much less treat the infected inmates, the numbers of inmates have bloomed, over two thirds of all Florida inmates have tested positive, that’s two of every three if my math is correct there's one hundred thousand inmates incarcerated, that puts the sick inmates at over sixty thousand infected inmates, who now have to be treated at a cost between twenty to seventy five thousand dollars. YOU as the taxpayer are footing this bill, all because the prison system turned a blind eye, refused treatment and the disease spread. Now think back recently to the new governor wanting to get drugs from Canada at a discount, this was so that the inmates could be treated at a cost-effective solution. This is what you as a tax payer aren't being told, so now as p. Harvey would say "for the rest of the story"! as I stated earlier most of the nonviolent drug offenders released back into society in worse condition than when they came into prison...The truth in reality about drug users are initially the user starts out as recreational then before they realize it the addictive stimulants and opiates have taken control of their lives. Recently the Drug Enforcement Administrations (D.E.A.) see page #8

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