My Side of the Story: Nydeed Nashaddai !

As a Follow up to the Community that has lend its support and signature in my Recent Petition. There are Blogs and News Stories Circulating on the Internet that I Masterminded and or Assisted Two prisoners to Escape from the Department of Correctional Custody. This Allegations are Untrue and Farthest from the Actual Facts. Upon the time of these prisoners escape in October 2013 from Franklin Correctional Inst. I was currently serving time at the Suwannee Correctional Inst, Some 150 miles away. Prior to that, I served time at Florida State Prison from August 2011 to February 2013. My Association to these Prisoners are that I served time at Franklin C.I. from December 2010 to August 2011. However, In January 2011 I had returned to Pinellas County Jail and remained there until April 2011, then 48 days later, I was placed on Administrative Confinement, which is isolation from general population public. I remained there in Confinement until my transfer to Florida State Prison August 2011. I had no former ties or Communication with these Escaped Prisoners before or prior to their escape or afterwards. The only association the Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement can Maintain that I had served time at the same institution as the Escapes. But what they failed to mention that was two and half years ago before their escape. Even then we had no interaction with one another because institution custody prohibits it. They were violent murders and I was a non-violent check cashier that allegedly forged a court paper. Whereas, the escapes had not known me the Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement had and known of the alleged manner I was accused of escaping and since it was like the escapes. They assumed I had something to do with it, Of course this was Beneficial to the Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement to alleged that I masterminded they escape to cover up their ERROR and Clear the Clerk of Courts. An Actually it was the Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement that Masterminded my involvement and tried to prosecute me. However, the Evidence proved otherwise, Orange County prosecutor dismissed the Claims and Charges against me. I was not involved in the escape case in 2013 or in Pinellas County alleged case against me in 2009. I thank Al those that participated in Signing my Petition and those that continue to show they support ... Read My First Story on the Blog Fallen Soldiers


NyDeed Nashaddai

Taylor C.I.

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