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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to your card, as you know I’m on C.M. and still fighting for my case, from CM it's twice as hard because of the slower way D.O.C handles CM Prisoners. I believe from our last letters you mentioned something about a blog and it’s why I'm here. As for CM status, while incarcerated at Mayo Corrections institution I was housed in F-dorm. While in F-dorm Sgt. Ross chased me around the quad asking me to give him the phone that I had hidden. When I informed Sgt. Ross there was no phone he got extremely upset after, he then began to search me and didn't find no cell phone or anything to do with a cell phone .He then asked me to step off camera in the sally part where he then threatened me and continued to treat me in a cruel and inhumane manner, with profane and abusive language while dealing with an inmate under his supervision. When he saw his abuse had no physical affect, he then told me to turn around and cuffed up a knife that he said he found on me, right then is when he took out a knife ( A METAL BAR FASHIONED INTO A HOME WEAPON WITH A FIXED HANDLE AND SHARPENED TO A POINT ONE IN ) and dropped it on the ground in front of me. Now to remind everyone Sgt. Ross searched me on camera twice and didn't find a camera and never found any knife. The administration informed me on my appeal of the charges and that the cameras where not very good and could not show what I was explaining. I then replied that there were two cameras in F-dorm that would show exactly what I was explaining. they then said based on the officer’s statement only, we find you guilty. (LMAO) with no evidence cause they say from the camera it was to grainy, now I called in to question the officer ( sgt .Ross) reputation and believe me Sgt. Ross has a long reputation and does other sgt's and officers in D.O.C for falsely reports or records, chapter 33 clearly states no employee shall knowingly submit inaccurate or untruthful information for or on any department of corrections records ,or documents about the same thing that he has done to me. Now I am serving 6 months CM-2 and 6 months CM-3 for those of you who don't know what CM- is it is 24 hour lockdown behind the door which you only come out for 1 hour a day to use the phone or watch t.v. twice a week when your dorm officers are having a good day. Also, Rec for two hours a day three times a week if you don't go to dayroom to use the phone or watch t.v. when the officers are having a great day though, everything depends on the officers having a good day. I’m not supposed to but like everything else in D.O.C we are state property, when we try and reach out, they stop our mail or block our calls, Welcome to the Department of Corruption. Hopefully this will do nicely and gain some insight into what’s happening in D.O.C, I don't know if this will make it out so I’m going to write another letter to go with it this one soon ..Mr. Greek

Current Date of release:2044

Marshall Greek #J52777

Century C.I.

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